July 19, 2018 4.05 pm This story is over 67 months old

Why there’s a referendum today in North and South Hykeham

Here’s what you need to know

People in North and South Hyekham are being asked to vote in a referendum held today in their area.

This is because North Kesteven District Council has called a vote on a document called the Hykeham Neighbourhood Plan.

People are being asked to vote on whether or not the council should use the plan as guidance when making planning decisions.

A neighbourhood plan:

  • Gives people a say over what housing and transport in their area should look like.
  • Forms part of the overall local plan for a place.
  • Gives guidance to councillors when making a decision on an application in a certain area.

The council has set a vision for North and South Hykeham to be a safe, green, sustainable and friendly place to live and work.

It did this by producing a plan based on consultation with people in the area on such things as housing, transport and employment.

It found that Hykeham “punches above its weight” on employment, local people wanted new developments in the area to be managed and that the area could benefit from improved public transport.

You can read the whole of the neighbourhood plan here,

The council then set certain objectives, in this case they are:

  • Grow North and South Hykeham with a high standard of housing.
  • Improve transport and road infrastructure.
  • Improve facilities for people in North and South Hyekham.

Voters will be asked at the polling station the following question:

‘Do you want North Kesteven District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Hykeham to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

If given approval, the plan will be adopted into the council’s current planning policy.

You can vote in the referendum if you live in the North or South Hykeham area and have been registered to vote before July 3, 2018.