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How to appeal the ridiculous ‘leaving the site’ fines

An expert’s advice

A parking expert who has won thousands of appeals has revealed how to avoid being stung by “predatory” parking wardens.

As previously reported, shoppers at Valentine Retail Park have complained about being issued with parking charges for “leaving the site”.

The Lincolnite found that the retail park had been split into two separate shopping centres, and were being operated by separate parking companies.

The car park is split into two sections and managed by two separate parking companies which operate ‘no leaving the site’ rules.

Valentine Retail Park off Tritton Road spans from Asda Living and TK Maxx in the north to Next in the south. Shops past this point, Wren Kitchens and The Range, are classed as Valentine Park South.

Campaigners claimed a victory when the owners of Valentine Park South revealed that they would be suspending the “leaving the site” rule which had been catching shoppers out.

But what about the people who have already been issued with parking charges? We spoke to a car parking expert to find out what they can do.

Anyone caught leaving the site will be fined. Photo: Connor Creaghan for The Lincolnite

Tony Taylor is a parking expert who has won 2,520 cases and told The Lincolnite exactly what people need to do.

He said: “These parking companies rely on people admitting to leaving the car park in their appeals. The first thing people need to do is speak to someone like me who can offer advice.

“Parking wardens are using predatory tactics to try and catch people out, but any ‘evidence’ they have to prove that people have left the car park is not admissible in court.

“The parking companies will hand out 1,000 tickets in the hope that 200 people will pay. These wardens could tell people about the leaving the site rule, but they choose not to.

“I’ve had nearly 3,000 cases but I have never seen a car park split into two with different rule, it’s a crazy situation and the land owners are to blame.”

Anyone who has been issued a ticket can get advice from Tony by sending an email to [email protected]

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