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Conservative MEP hopeful focuses on ‘Brexit clarity’ for businesses

The party says they “want to get Brexit done” first and foremost

A Conservative candidate for the European Elections says his party wants to give businesses more clarity on Brexit.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, one of the five nominees for the EU elections tomorrow (Thursday), said that “first and foremost” the Tories “want to get Brexit done”.

“Obviously as an MEP we don’t have the power, that’s in Westminster, but in the meantime we want to make sure the East Midlands is properly represented, we have MEPs that turn up and do the dirty work so to speak and actually give the people of the East Midlands a voice to ensure we can deliver a sensible, orderly Brexit, and we can support the Government while that’s going on,” he said.

He added: “I would hope we can give businesses a bit more clarity to start off, a lot are asking for clarification what’s going to happen with trade, jobs and employment and trade is the vital element of that.

“Emma McClarkin, our lead candidate, has done a lot of work on this, is an expert in trade and we believe she can help facilitate that for local businesses.”

Mr Clarke-Smith told Local Democracy Reporter Daniel Jaines that he disagreed with a second referendum on Brexit, adding “we need to deliver on the first one first”.

“The only referendum we really needed was the one to leave, it’s the Government’s job then to facilitate that. You don’t need to keep going back to the people every five minutes to check that everything’s ok.

“The three main things we got from the Referendum are that people want control of our immigration, our courts and our trade. Those are the three things, that’s what Brexit means fundamentally and it’s given the Government the green light to do something about those elements.”

He said the national picture was “very frustrating” and called for more consensus between the parties – lamenting those who “vote against pretty much everything to cause either a General Election or Second Referendum.”

However, he was confident about his party’s chances of getting an MEP or two into the European Parliament.

“I think our campaign has been good, positive and the people of the East Midlands will reward us for that,” he said.

A full guide to the EU Elections can be found here.

Other parties including Change UK, LabourIndependent Network, The Brexit Party, The Green Party, UKIP and Liberal Democrat candidates will also stand for election on polling day in the East Midlands. You can find a full list of them here.

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