Weapons handed in at Lincoln police station

Six weapons were handed in at a Lincoln police station over the weekend as part of a gun surrender.

Old revolvers, a rifle, and a pistol were among the stash of guns that can no longer potentially fall into the wrong hands.

So far across the county, seven firearms and a number of ammunition boxes have been handed in.

They were handed in at the start of a gun surrender where people can hand over unlicensed or unwanted firearms, ammunition, war memorabilia or imitation weapons from July 20 to August 4.

During that period, those surrendering firearms can do so without fear of prosecution and can choose to remain anonymous.

However, this is not an amnesty so police may still investigate firearm offences if any come to light when the operation has finished.

People can take their weapons Boston, Skegness, Lincoln and Grantham Police Stations if it is packaged and bagged safely.