August 16, 2019 11.34 am This story is over 51 months old

Jump Inc to leap forward with £200k expansion

A new management team have also been appointed

Jump Inc will start work on a new 250m sq facility at its Lincoln park as it gets ready to expand with £200,000 of investment.

As previously reported, Lincoln’s first trampoline and inflatables park Jump Inc Lincoln on Dixon Close opened in December 2018.

With a further investment of £200,000 to develop the facilities, Jump Inc will unveil a new a feature later this year that “requires more strength than the other physical activities in the park”.

Construction of the new mystery project will begin at the start of September.

Emma Towse‑Bertram at Jump Inc told The Lincolnite: “The new facility will be approximately 250m sq and add value to our customers experience at Jump Inc.

“It will require more strength than the other physical activities in the park so we’re hoping it will bring some excitement to those customers up for a challenge.”

Future Leisure Ltd, which operates the Jump Inc group of trampoline and inflatable parks across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, has also announced the appointment of a new management team to run Jump Inc Lincoln.

Jump Inc Lincoln experienced some teething issues when it first opened and the company directors have since decided that a change of management was essential to take the park forward and recognise its role as the company’s flagship park.

David Boote and Ylenia Bonnacchi, who have over 15 years experience in hospitality, have been appointed as the park’s new management team to lead the operations and over 30 staff members.

David Boote, Park Manager of Jump Inc, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to manage the park which we believe has great potential to become an important family attraction within Lincoln and the surrounding areas.”

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