October 30, 2019 1.51 pm This story is over 48 months old

Thieves steal prized pig sculpture from ‘shocked’ local artist

Christian wanted to share his beautiful work with the community

A local artist who crafted a huge sculpture of two lovers has said he was shocked to see that his latest creation was stolen overnight.

Christian Andreolli spent over three days carving the pig and thought that the piece was “really, really lovely” before thieves took it overnight on Tuesday, October 29.

As previously reported, the homeowner of the corner of Wragby Road and Greetwell Road asked her artist friend to help with the remains of a diseased tree in her front garden.

The Austrian designer and artist, who moved to Lincoln earlier this year with his partner, stunned people with his original seven-metre tall sculpture of two lovers.

The homeowner wanted to do something with what remained of a diseased tree.

Using the remaining wood, Christian carved out three distinct benches and a pig which, were all sat in the front garden.

But the pig was stolen.

He estimates that the pig is worth around £1,500, weighs around 60 kilograms and stalls tall at 60 centimetres.

The homeowner will be reporting the theft to Lincolnshire Police but got in touch with The Lincolnite to let the community know that the piece of art has been stolen.

The pig is made with the same wood as the tree.

Christian Andreolli said on Wednesday: “It’s a really, really lovely piece. I spent around three days making the pig in a special way.

“I left the house at around 6pm on Tuesday night and returned in the morning to see that it was gone. The gate was closed so it must have taken around three people to take it.

“This has really shocked me. Back in Austria we don’t have to worry about people stealing things, we can leave cars unlocked all the time.

“We just want people to know that this has been stolen.”