November 18, 2019 12.42 pm This story is over 50 months old

Lincolnshire Police officers have second lowest morale in the country

Not a great look for the police force

Police officers in Lincolnshire have some of the lowest morale in the country, second only to those working for Metropolitan Police.

Just over 60% of Lincolnshire Police respondents to the Police Federation Annual National Pay and Morale survey reported low personal morale.

In contrast, fewer than 35% of officers at Humberside Police reported low morale, making it the best performing force in the country for morale.

As well as reporting low morale, Lincolnshire officers were the eighth least likely to recommend working for the police and rated sixth lowest for feeling fairly treated.

The survey also revealed that just over 10% of Lincolnshire Police intend to leave the force as soon as possible or in the next two years.

It will make tough reading for the police bosses, who are planning to recruit 400 more officers over the next two and a half years, subject to more government funding.

Lincolnshire Police has yet to comment on the survey findings.