February 20, 2020 1.05 pm This story is over 19 months old

‘Merge police’ at it again! Dash cam catches A46 lane straddler

Who’s right?

Lincoln drivers are becoming notorious for merge point mayhem. So much so, that people are beginning to deploy dash cams to catch out righteous motorists taking it upon themselves to shepherd the traffic around them.

This week, temporary Canwick Hill traffic lights were the centre of debate. The most prominent gripe was aimed at those obstructing others from using both lanes of the carriageway.

Readers got in touch to share their experiences, warning road-users not only to be courteous to one another at merge points, but also to think about the safety of their actions.

One reader, who wished not to be named, believes their footage of a recent journey along the A46 between the Riseholme and Carholme roundabouts, depicts the issue perfectly.

A section of the road has been reduced to one lane due to ongoing work on the A15 Riseholme roundabout. On the approach, motorists are given around a mile of warnings before they’re instructed to merge in turn at the closure.

But the driver in our reader’s video has other ideas.

They were filmed straddling both lanes in what appears to be an attempt to stop others from using the dual carriageway.

“This video sums up your merge in turn article earlier pretty well”, the owner of the video said. “They had kids in the car as well. Could have easily caused an accident if I was going fast.”

Diagram: Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

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