May 29, 2020 5.06 pm This story is over 49 months old

Wetherspoons show what pubs will look like when re-opened

A very different look for Wetherspoons

By Local Democracy Reporter

Pub chain Wetherspoons have put plans in place to prepare for social distanced re-opening, sharing images of what customers can expect.

The chain announced a proposed July re-opening a few weeks ago, and are now showing the evidence of the social distancing measures put in place.

Trial signage at a prototype pub in London gives customers an insight into what the bar experience will be upon returning to Spoons.

Socially distanced floor markings by the bar. Photo: Wetherspoon

Floor markings and screen shields will be placed in all pubs, allowing for people to see what is the correct distance to keep.

‘Sneeze shields’ will be put up to protect bar staff. Photo: Wetherspoon

Customers will be encouraged to pay via the app or by contactless card transactions, but cash will still be accepted as normal.

Furniture will also be organised to fit social distancing guidelines and asked to not be moved from its original spot, with signs on the tables as a reminder.

Tables will also be separated by screens, to ensure the safety of anyone who enters the establishments and to prevent any direct contact with other people.

Tables and chairs will be strategically placed to avoid breaking the 2m rule. Photo: Wetherspoon

It has also been announced that opening hours will not change from their previous times, so at least one thing has stayed the same!