November 5, 2020 5.04 pm This story is over 41 months old

Lincoln mum fundraising for daughter’s ‘aggressive’ cancer treatment in the US

“I need help,” admits fundraising mother

By Local Democracy Reporter

The mother of a 38-year-old woman who needs treatment for breast cancer in America has said she will stop at nothing to raise money for her daughter.

Pauline King Battenbough lives in North Hykeham but has issues across the pond as her daughter, who lives in America, developed breast cancer in August which has spread “aggressively and quickly” to her Lymph nodes.

Angie has had three Lumpectomy operations in as many weeks, as well as beginning her second stage of chemotherapy, but they failed to fix the problem yet and she needs money to afford co-payments for hospital appointments alongside her health insurance.

Angie was raised in Lincoln from the age of eight and moved to America sixteen years ago after meeting her husband online, with whom she started a family and had three children; Eva, Paul and Joey.

Her mum Pauline cannot travel out to see Angie due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is currently fundraising from home to help out her daughter by selling items from the house on Facebook marketplace.

Pauline and her husband Mick, a 67-year-old RAF veteran, normally fly out to the States once a year to visit their daughter, but COVID-19’s travel restrictions, along with Pauline’s disabilities, have made this impossible.

She is polyarthritic, an extreme case of arthritis which affects five or more joints in the body, as well as being severely asthmatic and suffering with stress and anxiety issues, which have only been inflated since Angie’s diagnosis.

Angie has an “aggressive, fast-growing” case of breast cancer. | Photo: Pauline King Battenbough

Pauline told The Lincolnite that her health issues and the ongoing stress of Angie’s situation have really taken its toll on her.

“This news has taken me into a bit of a flare, I’m not doing good but I will never give up, I will keep fighting for my daughter.

“My body keeps telling me to slow down but my head is constantly on the go, I won’t rest until Angie can get the funds together for her treatment.

“Angie’s cancer is fast growing and aggressive, those words have been circling round my head for months and that’s what has really concerned me. I try not to think about losing her or her children losing their mother, it’s so hard and I need help.”

At the time of reporting, over £2,800 has been raised on the GoFundMe link, and Pauline estimates that they will need around £5,000 to afford the co-payments.

To donate to Pauline’s fundraiser and read more about Angie’s cancer treatment, click here.