November 27, 2020 12.49 pm This story is over 42 months old

Whoever lost the big cocaine stash in Lincoln is in serious trouble, police say

But acknowledge it’s unlikely they’ll come forward

By Local Democracy Reporter

Police said they’re concerned that the person who lost half a kilo of cocaine in Birchwood could now be in serious danger.

The cocaine was found in the Birchwood area of Lincoln on Thursday, by a local man on Allness Close, who reported it as a bag of white powder.

After police tested the powder, it was discovered that the bag contained cocaine with a street value of up to £50,000.

Commenters on The Lincolnite‘s original story of the incident recognised the danger of the situation, but did so in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

One said: “Someone’s going to be in big trouble,” while another joked “when there’s an executed body found around Lincoln, they will know who [the cocaine] belonged to!”

There is now concern coming from the police that the person who was in possession of the drugs may be in serious harm due to losing such a large quantity.

Police acknowledged it is unlikely that the owner will get in touch, given the nature of the item lost, but are appealing for the person’s safety above all else.

DS Vikki Goddard of Lincoln CID said: “I ask anyone who has any information about these drugs to contact us.

“This is an incredibly large amount of cocaine and it will be missed.

“We know whoever it belongs to may be looking for retribution and there will be an outstanding debt.”