December 28, 2020 4.22 pm This story is over 34 months old

Lincoln man in horror crash with son and pets on board

The family are all okay

A Lincoln man who had to swerve out the way of a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road has seen his car destroyed in a crash.

Jamie Clague was driving to Lincoln from Skegness on the A158 at around 1pm on Monday, December 28, with his wife, five-year-old son and two dogs in the car.

When approaching a corner on the crest of a hill near the B1195 junction, he saw a large black 4×4 driving on the wrong side of the road.

With little time to react, Jamie managed to move onto the other side of the road, avoiding the 4×4, but then had to swerve off the road completely to avoid more oncoming traffic.

The car collided heavily with the cut down trees along the side of the road. | Photo: Jamie Clague

He left the road at 50mph and crashed head on into a large tree, causing huge damage to his red Volkswagen car, but luckily there were no injuries to those inside the vehicle.

The airbags deployed in the car, sparing everyone inside of any injuries. | Photo: Jamie Clague

Jamie told The Lincolnite that this incident could have been much worse, but he still wants the matter resolved.

He said: “We are all okay in general, just very shook up and have some sore necks.

“I didn’t see the car until the last second, as it came over the hill on our side of the road.

“I had no real chance to think what to do and had to just avoid a head on collision.

“We wouldn’t be here now if we had hit the car head on, and hope the person responsible does the right thing and comes forward.”

Tree branches ended up mangled in the wheels of the VW. | Photo: Jamie Clague

Jamie said that once his wife got out the car to check the registration of the 4×4, it drove away.

Upon seeing the incident, passers by pulled over to check if the family were okay, as well as two men who waited with them to warn drivers and keep Jamie and his wife company.

Lincolnshire Police spoke to the family about the incident and have told Jamie that ANPR cameras should be able to track the car at the time of the crash.

If you have any information about the incident or know the whereabouts of the black 4×4 in question, contact police on 101 and quote incident 173 of December 28.

Jamie lost control after swerving out the way of a car driving on the wrong side of the road. | Photo: Jamie Clague