December 21, 2020 5.28 pm This story is over 41 months old

Pilot draws giant Pac-Man flight path over Lincolnshire

Surely a new high score!

By Local Democracy Reporter

The pilot of an aircraft flying over Lincolnshire created a game of Pac-Man while ten miles up in the sky.

The private display happened on Sunday morning, and shows the plane flying over areas of Lincolnshire to create the shape of Pac-Man and the ghost.

The visuals could be seen on FlightRadar24, a flight tracker which shows the journey of planes in the air.

Taking off from Retford Gamston Airfield in Lincolnshire, the pilot flew north over the Lincolnshire Wolds to create his quirky masterpiece.

A few rough edges, but I’m sure the pilot can be forgiven for not hitting perfection. | Photo: FlightRadar24

The lines tracking the route show Pac-Man, drawn over Mablethorpe, chasing a ghost over North East Lincolnshire.

Their creation was over 20 miles long, and incredibly impressive to achieve considering the plane was reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour.