April 19, 2021 9.23 am This story is over 13 months old

Homeless man attacked in spate of youth incidents in Lincoln

Four youths were detained by police

Groups of youths have been causing issues in Lincoln city centre and the Boultham area, and their behaviour took “a more sinister turn where they have physically attacked lone individuals including a homeless male,” police said.

The incidents included general anti-social behaviour such as setting off alarms in the car parks, being abusive to staff and throwing eggs at people.

Lincoln Police posted on social media saying the force has reviewed numerous pieces of CCTV and are in the process of identifying individuals within the group.

Police said: “Due to them being on bikes they have made off as soon as they have seen officers coming, making it difficult to pursue them on either foot or in a car.

“However, they have overused that tactic and underestimated our team as today (Saturday) we walked right up to them in plain clothes and were able to detain four of them.

“We will be contacting the parents of these youths as well as investigating any offences they have committed.”

The full statement Lincoln Police posted about the incidents.

Lincolnshire Police said on Monday afternoon that no arrests have been made yet but their investigation is continuing, which includes trawling through CCTV and gathering evidence.

These are not the first incidents involving youths this month. A local resident slammed youths for causing “an absolute ruckus” in a spate of vandalisim in the Bailgate area of Lincoln.

Two male youths, aged 12 and 15, were arrested after an armed robbery at the Spar Store on Brayford Wharf. The 12-year-old was later released on police bail, while the 15-year-old is on conditional bail until a later date.