April 7, 2021 11.10 am This story is over 14 months old

Lincoln resident’s fury as youths continue to vandalise Bailgate

He has written a message for the “naughty little kids”

A local resident has slammed youths for causing “an absolute ruckus” in a spate of vandalisim in the Bailgate area of Lincoln.

David H told The Lincolnite that the situation has been going on for around six weeks and multiple incidents have been reported to Lincolnshire Police.

He said local people were fed up with mindless destruction and graffiti, claiming the same group were responsible for much of it.

David recorded a confrontation with a gang of around eight young people on Tuesday, April 6.

The youths allegedly vandalised signage at the Tower Hotel on Westgate, and threw brick fragments from it into the car park opposite.

David was out walking his dog at the time and recorded them shortly before 5pm on Tuesday. He then had a bottle thrown at him before the youths ran away.

He added that before the incident the youths were also vandalising various different things in the Bailgate with yellow paint. He also saw an empty yellow spray can at The Lawn nearby.

Pictures were provided to Lincolnshire Police.

The outside menu and wall at The Tower Hotel were vandalised.

David said: “These youths have been causing an absolute ruckus for some time now and as a resident of the area I think I speak for us all when I say something needs to be done.

“Intimidating behaviour and mindless vandalism will not be tolerated, whoever the parents of these kids are really need to step up as ultimately they are responsible for this behaviour.

“A message to you naughty little kids. We know who you are. You’re not big and you’re not clever. Take some time out on the naughty step and think about what you’re doing before you carve a path for yourselves that you can’t come back from.”

The Lincolnite has contacted Lincolnshire Police for a response.

It’s not the first disturbance involving youths in the city in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, three young men were arrested after a disturbance involving around 15 people at the Arboretum park in Lincoln turned violent and anti-social on Easter Sunday. The men have since been released on bail.