April 29, 2021 9.25 am This story is over 35 months old

One year of drag werk for Lincoln’s fierce Sperm Donna

We discussed online abuse, drag culture and so much more

By Local Democracy Reporter

A drag queen star from Lincoln has been celebrating their one year anniversary in the community, and The Lincolnite spoke to Sperm Donna about their journey so far.

Sperm Donna is the creation of 23-year-old Euan MacDonald from Lincoln, who birthed his drag phenomenon on April 26 of last year.

The idea came from boredom, as Euan says he “started drag to save myself from the anguish of lockdown”, but has seen popularity rise with each new Eleganza Extravaganza.

Euan’s mother and little sister help him with his costumes.

The Lincolnite featured Sperm Donna in December, talking with Euan about his move into the drag community during his first few months in that world.

Since then, his following has nearly doubled and he is a fully-fledged member of the community, taking part in virtual charity drag shows and collaborating with photographers.

Sperm Donna’s looks vary so much, it’s incredible!

Discussing his first year in drag, Euan said: “It has been similar to that of any new born infant: exciting, surprising, unexpected, and in constant need of attention!

“Despite 2020 feeling like the longest year ever, this past year has flown by, and that’s due to my time spent focusing on drag. Time flies when you’re having fun, and this is no exception.

“What’s interesting is to see how Sperm Donna has changed me; Euan.”

“I’ve found comfort in drag, it’s allowed me to elevate who I am as a person, becoming more socially and politically aware, expanding my creativity and gaining insight into queer people’s stories.”

Euan said he has been warmly embraced by the drag community, despite the lack of face-to-face connection due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Sperm Donna won the first season of The Rose Ball, and returned as a judge for season two.

He said: “Despite being still very new to this with a lack of  experience, I have been able to find myself lifelong friends in the drag community and have found support from people all over the globe.

To all those that have blessed me with an opportunity this past year, those that have commented or messaged me kind words, those that follow my journey, and to my friends and family, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“I will be tackling this year head on with a smile on my face, a wig on my head and a drink in my hand!”

“Being able to bring a level of entertainment to people’s screens has been a joy. You have made this little gay boy a very happy one.”

We also discussed online abuse, a rife subject in social media culture, and Euan said he is one of the lucky ones.

Euan has said the experience of entering the drag scene has been extremely rewarding.

Thankfully my experience with the online scene has been mostly positive, and I’ve been able to navigate the World Wide Web without any extreme distaste.

“To be a person on social media, let alone a queer person and drag queen, you have to have thick skin.

“I wouldn’t have changed a single moment, I’m very thankful to my past self.”

“There are a ton of positives when it comes to the online culture, but there are plenty of negatives, and avoiding any abuse is something I’m very fortunate for as I know so many people have to experience negativity on a daily basis.

“Since I’m privileged enough to not experience the level of abuse others do, I’m able to use my voice to try educate others on how to navigate life in a positively impactful way.”

Euan can often push boundaries with his looks, and not all of them are exactly PG-friendly.

Euan has faced some critical comments from online trolls, but he had very helpful advice for the naysayers.

The only instance when I had to deal with online trolls is after my first article with The Lincolnite, in which there were a few comments mocking my existence and even insinuating that my mother shouldn’t be proud of me.

“To that I have one thing to say: I hope you have a great day and can find something in your life that you enjoy, because I know I have and my family are very proud of me for that.”

Post-lockdown, Euan will be taking Sperm Donna on the road, teasing an appearance at Lincoln’s ‘The Scene’ gay bar in October, with Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney, as well as walking in the Manchester Pride Parade this summer.

To keep up to date with Sperm Donna’s life in drag, visit their Instagram page.