June 30, 2021 3.31 pm This story is over 13 months old

Police slam “local comedian” who put parking ticket on PCSO car

Police say “we’d love to see you” to the person responsible

Police have criticised a local resident for taking a parking ticket off their vehicle and putting it on a PCSO car in Horncastle.

The ticket emerged on June 24 when a PCSO car was parked at the Market Place in Horncastle, and could be found with a parking penalty notice in the windscreen.

It was alleged that perhaps the police vehicle had fallen victim to the traffic warden’s ticket machine, but officers and local authorities have said that it appears to be a hoax.

Confusion had initially set in, as the photograph showed the car to be parked in a police bay, so the ticket could/should not have been issued for that incident.

Lincolnshire County Council, who manage parking wardens, said that a ticket was not issued to the police vehicle on that date.

Now, the police force have called out the “local comedian” who may have placed the ticket there.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “Our vehicle was parked lawfully in a police bay, as all should be able to see from the road markings, so the ticket is not council-issued.

“Someone used their own parking ticket and popped it on our windscreen.

“We assume it was a local comedian who was attempting to engage with us in a humorous way and to them we would say two things.

“First, make sure you’ve actually paid that ticket and, second, we have better and more effective ways in which you can contact us.

“Have you thought about coming in the front door of the police station and actually talking to any of our officers? We’d love to see you.”

Who is the mystery ticket planter? Whoever they are, they have certainly ruffled a few feathers.