November 2, 2021 10.37 am

Age of Empires: Gameplay recreates the second battle of Lincoln

Have you played the game yet?

After the release of the Age of Empires IV video game featuring the city’s famous Castle and Steep Hill, gameplay footage has shown a recreation of the Second Battle of Lincoln.

The battle outside Lincoln Castle happened on May 20, 1217 during the First Barons’ War, between the forces of the future Louis VIII of France against the army of King Henry III of England. Louis’ forces were attacked by a relief force under the command of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke.

The latest Age of Empires game, developed by Relic Entertainment, was released on October 28 and Lincoln features in the Norman campaign. The other civilisations you can play in are Chinese, Delhi Sultanate and Mongols.

Steep Hill appears in footage of the Norman Campaign Reveal. | Screenshot: Age of Empires

At the start of the Norman campaign, which is just one of four in the game, William of Normandy “sets forth on the hard-fought road to conquer England and become its new king”.

YouTube account Trophygamers, which strives to help gamers complete challenges and obtain trophies and achievements, recently uploaded a video of The Second Battle of Lincoln where players must defend Lincoln Castle until William Marshal arrives. They must also destroy rebel military buildings, defeat the French army, and destroy the southern and eastern forts.

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