November 24, 2021 12.13 pm This story is over 24 months old

Lincolnshire woman urges people to get jab after “debilitating” COVID-19 experience

She wrote a poem to tell people “COVID-19 ain’t no joke”

A 62-year-old woman from Lincolnshire has shared her difficult experience after contracting coronavirus, and praised “the wonder of science” which allows people to get vaccinated.

Pat Durham, 62, tested positive for COVID-19 on Remembrance Sunday and said that despite being double vaccinated against the virus, she had “never experienced anything so debilitating.”

“I had a banging headache, continuously runny eyes, a sore throat, lack of appetite and then a tightness in my chest and below the diaphragm. Yes, this is a respiratory virus.

“You might say who am I to get on the soapbox, I have the T-shirt, I have the experience of this mutant but ultimately I care about my husband, my daughter, my granddaughters, family and friends, but then I care for all because that’s the pandemic!”

She has said that despite her self-isolation period now being over, she is still poorly and her husband Karl also tested positive five days before her.

Pat with her husband Karl.

Pat said that it is imperative for all to get their vaccine as it is saving lives, and hospital staff need supporting to free up space for other patients.

“If you genuinely want to continue having a life then get jabbed! I don’t like needles, but do it regardless, you are saving lives and the hospitals can get on with saving lives on the operating tables.

“Thank you Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna for the wonder of science and great minds.”

Pat also wrote a poem called “ain’t no joke” about her experience, in which she urges people to get the vaccine and “put COVID-19 into extinction”.

Pat’s poem

Ain’t no joke COVID-19,
The worst of everything the world has seen,
But it has a weakness, a vaccine,
Like measles, mumps, and rubella and a few more,
Vaccines have opened the door for all to go about their daily lives,
And like bees in hives we work together, stronger, happier and with conviction,
To put COVID-19 into extinction!
Ain’t no joke when you’re ill, all you want is a pill and they’re working on that, it doesn’t stop the help, the guidance, the work
Get vaccinated now ASAP
Ain’t no joke when you’re in a hospital bed and asking for all the help you can get, when all the time you put it off or didn’t care, turn back the clock!
You’re getting the point, get booking
The way ahead is looking straight at you,
In my case, boxes of tissue and not much time at the loo!