February 9, 2022 4.51 pm This story is over 21 months old

Lincolnshire woman, 54, is the fastest in the world on two wheels – and now wants to hit 300mph

She thinks she can go almost 40mph faster!

The world’s fastest woman on two wheels lives right here in Lincolnshire, and she has set out on an ambitious mission to smash her own record this year.

Becci Ellis, originally from Leeds but now living in Scunthorpe, is a self-confessed thrill-seeker with a lifelong passion for motorsport racing, and in 2014 she wrote her name into the history books.

She went from a standstill to 264.1 miles per hour to break the world record for the fastest speed achieved by a woman riding a vehicle with two wheels, which previously stood at 243.6mph.

Becci has been “fascinated” with motorbikes from a young age. | Photo: Paul Fishwick

Becci is not content with just having this record, though, and wants to push the boundaries to the next level later this year. She will be attempting the unprecedented feat of reaching speeds of 300mph on a new motorcycle she has bought and developed.

“I sold the original record bike in 2021 and decided to build another one because we wanted to fine tune it and make different parts to help reach faster speeds,” Becci told The Lincolnite.

“The original had hit its limit and we plateaued. We’ve done a lot of testing on the new bike over the last year and things are looking good, so fingers crossed we can get some more records under our belt.”

Even at 54, Becci is defying the odds and pushing herself to the limit. | Photo: Harvey Brewster

She will have two attempts at the record, one in May and another in September, with both taking place on the main runway at Elvington Airfield, which is more than two miles long.

The bike is a 1300cc turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, modified by Becci’s husband Mike Ellis.

New parts were bought for the bike to maximise potential speed. | Photo: Becci Ellis

Becci’s journey started in childhood, when her older bother got a motorbike and she became “fascinated” by it, before eventually getting her own at 17 years old and regularly going to watch races across the country.

She said: “I met my husband through motorcycling and decided to have a go myself when I was 23 or 24.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking riding a machine this powerful would be immensely difficult and nerve-racking, and Becci says you’re certainly not wrong to think that.

Becci has plenty of help in preparing for her record attempts. | Photo: Becci Ellis

She added: “You have to stay as fit and light as possible, COVID lockdowns halted my training a bit, which means I still have some work to do before being ready to take on the world record.

“A lot of people seem to think you’re clinging on for life, but the bike is built for purpose, you fit into the bike and the only stresses you get are from side winds, it’s like another limb like an extra leg or something.

“If you’re not nervous you shouldn’t be doing it, the dangers are obvious so you have to always be thinking and aware of them. Once you set off, though, the nerves disappear because you need full concentration.”

Still all about the need for speed. | Photo: Phil Evans Photography

Becci is hoping her achievements will pave the way for more women to take part in motorsport, as well as helping to make racing appealing to a younger audience.

“It’s not really a ladies’ sport but we’re trying to bring more publicity and get more women involved. We’ve got big plans for land speed racing, most people involved in the sport are around my age, surprisingly.

“As long as I can ride the bike and still have the ability to go fast I can’t see there being a problem!”

It takes a lot of fine tuning to make sure a bike can go 300mph! | Photo: Becci Ellis