March 29, 2022 12.12 pm This story is over 20 months old

COVID vaccination rollout expanding to healthy 5-11-year-olds

The latest cohort are now ready

Children aged between 5 and 11 will be next in line for COVID-19 vaccination as the programme expands at the beginning of April, though Lincolnshire Showground’s jab centre will be closed for a couple of days for maintenance.

It comes after recommendation from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation that 5-11-year-olds can be offered the coronavirus vaccine to boost immunity and increase protection from future variants of the virus.

This move is the latest extension of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, after the NHS announced last week that it would be contacting hundreds of thousands of people for a fourth dose, in the form of a spring booster jab.

From April 4, healthy 5-11-year-olds with no underlying health conditions will be offered two paediatric doses of the vaccine, which is smaller than doses given to over-12s, with at least 12 weeks between jabs.

If your child has COVID-19, the vaccine will still give them extra protection, but they will need to wait 12 weeks before getting vaccinated.

You can book an appointment at one of the county’s vaccination centres by calling 119 or visiting the National Booking Service online, but the jab centre at the Lincolnshire Showground will be closed on Monday, April 4 and Tuesday, April 5 for routine planned maintenance.

Rebecca Neno, Director of COVID and Influenza Vaccination Programmes at NHS Lincolnshire CCG, said: “The aim of the NHS in offering to vaccinate 5-11 year-olds is not only to provide them with some protection, but also to support families to make an informed choice, and to make things convenient and child-friendly for those who do decide to get their child vaccinated.

“As with all the other age groups we have already vaccinated and continue to vaccinate, getting your child vaccinated will help to protect them from the worse effects of covid, as well as reducing the risk to them and those around them.

“COVID is still active and case numbers are ticking up again, but at the same time we are all striving for some kind of return to normality.  The best way to achieve this is to get vaccinated, whether that’s yourself or your child.

“I understand there will be reluctance on the part of some parents and guardians to get their child vaccinated and the important thing to say is it is your choice.”