March 7, 2022 6.00 pm

First West Lindsey households get purple recycling bins – with ‘tags of shame’ also rolled out

The ‘tags of shame’ are back… but with a twist

Households in Caistor were the first in West Lindsey to have their new purple-lidded recycling bin delivered, and the council has also introduced ‘tags of shame’ for wrong items in existing recycling bins.

West Lindsey became the third local authority in Lincolnshire to roll out a new recycling collection process, introducing a purple-lidded bin for separate dry paper and card.

The move was first brought in by Boston Borough Council and then North Kesteven District Council last year, and the rest of Lincolnshire is set to follow suit by 2024.

The purple-lidded bins will be for dry paper and cardboard. | Photo: West Lindsey District Council

Deliveries will take place across Caistor from the week beginning Monday, March 7, and will continue across West Lindsey until Friday, April 1, with the first collection due on Monday, April 18.

As well as the delivery of the first purple bins, the council’s waste removal teams have also started to add advisory tags to existing blue recycling bins that have items which cannot be recycled.

Green bins (North Kesteven) were left with ‘tags of shame’. | Photos: Darren Cook and James Stout

They were coined “tags of shame” after intense backlash aimed at North Kesteven District Council when residents saw bins ‘tagged’ in their thousands, as the council began the purple bin rollout.

However, unlike NKDC, the bins will still be emptied for people in West Lindsey, instead hoping to educate residents in regards to what can and can’t be recycled at home.

Items which CAN be put in the purple bins include dry paper, cardboard, food packaging boxes, cardboard egg boxes, envelopes, junk mail, newspapers, household packaging and greeting cards.

Items which CANNOT be put in them are takeaway pizza/food boxes, shredded paper, tissues, toilet roll, books, cigarette packets and wrapping paper.

At the new waste depot. Left to right – West Lindsey District Council’s chief executive Ian Knowles; chairman, Councillor Steve England; leader of the council, Councillor Owen Bierley; local MP Sir Edward Leigh.

Leader of West Lindsey District Council, Councillor Owen Bierley said: “I am looking forward to receiving my very own new recycling bin along with residents across the district.

“The roll out of the new separate paper and card recycling scheme is a critical step forward for West Lindsey as we move towards increasing our recycling rate and reducing levels of non-recyclable waste.

“I know there will be a period of time as we adjust to what can and cannot go into our bins but I hope our communities will embrace the change. I would like to thank our colleagues at Lincolnshire County Council for their support and knowledge in ensuring the smooth roll out of this project in West Lindsey.”

Residents should have been sent their householder pack for instructions and tips on correct bin allocation. If you haven’t been given yours yet, email [email protected].