April 13, 2022 10.28 am This story is over 19 months old

Extinction Rebellion say five Lincolnshire activists arrested during London blockades

Calling for an end to fossil fuel funding

14 Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire activists have been down to London for the climate group’s national April Rebellion, and five of the local protestors have been arrested.

The climate change protestors have been in the capital for the start of Extinction Rebellion’s national April Rebellion, between April 9 and 17.

The group are protesting what they call government inaction in the fight against global warming, demanding a stop to fossil fuel funding and production and instead asking for an increase in renewables.

The climate change activist group were in good numbers for their April Rebellion. | Photo: Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire

Protests began on Friday, when police were called to Tower Bridge after a joint effort from XR and Just Stop Oil caused the bridge to close for several hours, unveiling a banner which read “end fossil fuels now”.

Further blockades were organised on Vauxhall Bridge outside the offices of Schlumberger, one of the world’s largest offshore oil drilling companies.

A Metropolitan Police officer outside Schlumberger, where an XR protest was held. | Photo: Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire

According to Extinction Rebellion, five of their Lincolnshire activists were arrested by police as a result of this protest on Vauxhall Bridge. The Lincolnite has contacted Metropolitan Police for a statement about this.

Then on Tuesday, more than 60 protestors blocked the entrances to Lloyds of London (a company XR claims to be one of the main global insurers of fossil fuel projects), forcing the business to advise employees not to come into the building.

The group say that multiple activists were arrested during peaceful protests. | Photo: Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire

Among the protestors in London are Lincolnshire mother Imogen and her teenage children. She said: “I have taken time off work to come to London with some of my amazing children to make the government understand the urgency of the climate crisis that we are in and to act now to end the use of fossil fuels.

“I love my children too much to contemplate a world on the current trajectory. We need to slam the brakes on and give our children a chance. We are at a tipping point and we’ve almost run out of time. I cannot sit by and do nothing to try to reverse this insanity.”

The Lincolnshire rebels who joined the national effort in London. | Photo: Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire

XR member, Eddie Francis, from Lincoln, said: “When governments choose betrayal, people will choose resistance. As long as the government continues to choose to destroy the future of humanity, good people will choose to stop them.

“This government lies to us about the danger of the climate crisis and refuses to take action so we must rebel against it to protect our future.”