May 5, 2022 8.00 pm This story is over 24 months old

Inside The Force 24/7: Mum claims son set fire to house and stole £4k

Police find out she falsely accused her son before

A mother who has previously falsely accused her son of stealing money alleges he has set fire to her house and stolen thousands of pounds from her wardrobe will feature in the next episode of Channel 5’s Inside The Force: 24/7.

Episode six of the eight-part series, produced by Mentorn Media, will air on Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday, May 9.

In this episode, PC Simon Berger is on patrol with a new recruit, trainee officer Beth Headley, when a call comes in about a suspected arson attack where a mum has accused her son of setting fire to her house.

When they arrive at the scene the case develops as the mother alleges that her son started the fire and stole £4,000 from her wardrobe.

The suspect is taken back to custody and placed in a dry cell, which has no toilet or basin to prevent any potential forensic evidence being washed away.

The next day the case is passed to CID to be investigated by detectives Andy Bates and Ravi Gerwal. Their attention turns to the alleged missing £4,000 and their suspicions are aroused when they can’t find the suspect’s car and he refuses to tell them where it is.

The case then takes another turn when they learn that the mother has previously falsely accused her son of stealing money and reported it to the police.

Back at the police station on South Park in Lincoln, a call comes in from a man who has received a threatening letter he suspects has been sent by an ex-partner, who has a previous conviction for stalking.

PC Berger responds and, after a visit to the man’s home, he goes to arrest the ex-partner who is staying in a hotel. However, when the suspect resists, PC Berger has to call for back up.

In Lincolnshire Police’s Force Control Room, a call comes in from a distressed woman who claims a man is threatening to burn her house down.

PC Mark Solder rushes to the scene and arrests the man for being drunk and disorderly. However, back at the station the suspect’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and he appears to start fitting. Custody have to look after the man but don’t know whether it’s real or if he’s putting it on.

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