May 10, 2022 8.34 am This story is over 18 months old

Lincolnshire postmistress honoured after decades of service with Buckingham Palace invite

What a great moment for Mairi

A postmistress in Lincolnshire has been invited to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace this month, along with one of her work colleagues.

Mairi Wingate, who works at Barton-upon-Humber Post Office, was planning to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but now has a very big plan on the agenda following an invitation from Her Royal Highness.

She will be attending a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in May, receiving the invitation around two years ago. The original date was, of course, postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Mairi has now received email confirmation that she will be going along to the party this month.

She ran a lucky draw to see who would accompany her at Buckingham Palace, and her work colleague Melanie was selected, so the pair are planning a mini-break with sightseeing and shows alongside the party.

Mairi is an essential part of her local community, having worked in Barton-upon-Humber her entire life. Her parents owned a local shop which she worked at until the age of 22 – she has spent the next 34 years as a postmistress.

Mairi said: “Her Royal Highness is a magnificent woman who has carried out her duties since her Coronation. I find it very inspiring that she stepped up and calmly embraced the nation’s obligations, reigning for 70 years. In many ways, I believe the royal family plays a vital role in our lives.

“I vividly remember the first time I saw Her Highness. When I was about five to seven years old and on holiday in Aberdeen with my family, I saw the Queen clothed in bright colours on a gigantic royal ship. I was ecstatic to see her.

“Mel and I are overjoyed and honoured to be invited to the celebration to commemorate this historic occasion. Though we are unsure who nominated us, I believe it was one of our customers who submitted my name for this award.

“This community has become my family, and I look forward to serving them every day.

“They are all delighted for us because they believe we are deserving of this chance. Our customers love this Post Office, and they have constantly applauded our services to them.”