June 28, 2022 10.13 am This story is over 24 months old

Mini electricity grid to power southern Lincolnshire

Electricity will be sold on cheaply to local businesses

An independent mini electricity grid is set to produce cheap electricity in southern Lincolnshire.

Plans are being drawn up after concern that the National Grid is full to capacity and businesses are struggling to expand.

South Holland, Boston and East Lindsey councils have been working with private partners to establish the new network.

The electricity will be sold onto local businesses at reduced rates.

Infrastructure for the network will be spread across all three areas, with formal plans due to be submitted next month.

South Holland District Council Deputy Leader Nick Worth said it is important to provide alternative sources of electricity for businesses.

“This is a project we’ve been working on with private investors due to the National Grid being pretty full,” he said.

“Places are really starting to struggle, particularly the Spadling area and rural areas like Holbeach. This is an issue for everyone, not just Lincolnshire.

The new grid will help to power local businesses

“It’s a big project that will cover the whole of the South East Lincolnshire partnership. Three councils working together have more power and will be able to attract more private and government investment.”

He says that the power grid could be online in the next few years if approved.

“A planning application is due to be submitted in July for the infrastructure. It’s been a complicated process as it involves so many different people’s land, but things should start to move relatively quickly after that. We will hopefully see it up and running within the next few years,” he said.

“The prices will be set by private companies but will certainly be competitive and offer good value, which won’t be a bad in the current climate. It’s an exciting development, and good news for businesses.”