June 20, 2022 12.00 pm This story is over 17 months old

Shocking near miss caught on dashcam as car narrowly avoids head-on crash

A hair-raising moment

Video footage of an unbelievable near miss on the roads of Lincolnshire has gone viral on social media, with an overzealous car inches from a head-on collision with an HGV.

The video was uploaded on Friday, June 17 by aptly titled Facebook page Idiot UK Drivers Exposed, showing a dangerous overtake manoeuvre on the A17 near Swineshead Bridge.

Dashcam footage from inside a HGV showed another lorry travelling in the opposite direction, with headlights in the distance, before a car motors alongside and attempts to overtake.


The hair-raising moment could have ended in a potentially fatal collision, with the car somehow managing to swerve out of the way of the oncoming HGV and swerve back onto the correct side of the road.

If not for evasive braking action from both lorry drivers, this incident could have had a much more tragic conclusion.

A crash was somehow avoided, and the driver of the car can count their lucky stars that nobody was hurt. | Photo: Idiot UK Drivers Exposed

The person who uploaded the video said: “I could see around the bend that another HGV was travelling in the opposite direction, and I knew the car behind me, travelling up behind me like a rocket, could not see that another truck would be approaching.

“I decided to indicate right and brake, hoping the car driver would slow down and not pass, they still had enough time to slow down and tuck in behind me, but they didn’t. I started to brake, and so did the other truck.

“We brake harder, thinking the inevitable will happen. The driver just managed to get in. This driver would have been dead if the other trucker had not been on the ball. Why risk it!”

Lincolnshire Police launched Operation Snap in February 2021, which is an online portal for people to upload dashcam footage of potential driving offences in the county as part of a nationwide crackdown effort.

You can report a driving offence via Operation Snap on the Lincolnshire Police website. Please note that this cannot be used to report crashes, and you should call 101 in this instance.