June 9, 2022 1.30 pm This story is over 24 months old

In For A Penny’s Stephen Mulhern filming at Lincoln Brayford Pool

He’s arrived!

Television presenter Stephen Mulhern appeared on camera in a light-hearted exchange on Brayford Wharf North in Lincoln as part of his visit to film ITV’s ‘In For A Penny’ show.

In For A Penny sees Stephen Mulhern hit the streets with his pop-up gameshow, where unsuspecting members off the public take on a challenge and compete for a cash prize. Hopefully none of the games were too ‘dangerous’ as not long after he filmed the video, police put a cordon in place when a suspected grenade was found.

Lifted Entertainment, who produce programmes as part of ITV Studios, previously appealed for extras for paid roles to help with the gameplay of the show, although they wouldn’t be in contention to win any prize money.


Stephen was seen at Lincoln’s Brayford Pool during the morning of Thursday, June 9 and he uploaded a video in which he pretends to have been spotted by a ‘fan’.

The video posted just before 10am has already attracted more than 29,000 views – see the transcript below:

Man: Oh my god! Are you Stephen Mulhern?
Stephen: Yes, hi.
Man: You are my favourite presenter.
Stephen: Oh! Cheers, mate!
Man: I watch Catchphrase. In for a Penny is hilarious!
Stephen: You’re a star
Man: We don’t miss it. It’s so, so good
Stephen: Cheers mate
Man: Nice to meet you
Stephen: Really appreciate it. All the best. Bye, bye
Man: Stephen, was that what you wanted?
Stephen: Bloody hell, mate! You’ve ruined that!