July 27, 2022 7.00 pm This story is over 16 months old

Brickz Kingdom: From plumbing down south to selling Lego sets in Lincoln

A big gamble chasing his passion has come to fruition

A former plumber from the South Coast has taken a leap of faith by pursuing his recent Lego passion, opening a store in Lincoln where people can buy, sell or trade their full block sets.

Brickz Kingdom became a new addition on Lincoln’s High Street on Saturday, July 23, opening to a largely excited general public that has taken to the store concept immediately.

Trevor Baker, 47, is the owner of the shop, and he said demand has been so high since opening that almost 70% of his initial stock has been sold in the first three days of business.

Lego sets vary from brand new to pre-loved, but all are in top condition. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

Incredible creations in-store, all on sale! | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

The store sells full Lego sets of all ages, from brand new to retired, offering selections of some of popular culture’s biggest brands – including Harry Potter, Friends and Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are also two sections in the store inviting you to get creative. A ‘pick a brick’ box allows you to fill a cup of loose Lego pieces, while another ‘build your own minifig’ box has different pieces to help you mix and match and make a personalised Lego character.

The build your own minifig section of the store has proved to be a big hit already. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

Fill a cup of loose Lego pieces and you can take it home for just £7. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

Trevor’s story is an intriguing one. He is a plumber by trade, setting up and running a family plumbing business on the south coast of England for many years, before a new passion took over his life.

“Around 2019 I got into Lego as a way to de-stress, fast forward three years and here we are,” he told The Lincolnite. “I’m a massive Star Wars fan and collector, and I built my wife a Lego room. She has all the Disney princess sets.”

His arrival in Lincolnshire was sudden. It came after he had the idea of opening a Lego trading store and a friend of his recommended our county, so he moved to Kirton in Lindsey at the drop of a hat, and just his second time in Lincoln saw him picking up the keys to his new shop.

Trevor said of the move: “I basically gave up everything and came here not really aware of the city, it was a big gamble and for once in my life it actually paid off!

“Someone told me Lincolnshire was a beautiful county and I completely agree. I thought southerners were friendly, but you guys put us to shame!

“The problem for us now will be trying to keep stock coming in, because I wasn’t expecting this level of demand, it’s been incredible. I certainly prefer this to fitting bathrooms!”

Trevor took a big risk opening Brickz Kingdom hundreds of miles from where he used to call home, but has landed on his feet. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

Brickz Kingdom deals only in certified Lego sets. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

So, why Lego? Well, Trevor has the answer to that: “It doesn’t matter if you are two years old or 99 years old, everyone can enjoy Lego in different shapes and sizes. I find it is far better than sitting in front of a computer or games console, as well.”

The shop not only sells Lego sets, but it also buys and trades them for people who may want to reshuffle their collections. All pre-loved sets are fully checked before being restocked on the store shelf at what Trevor says is a good value.

| Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

He continued: “I’ve already had plenty of people wanting to trade things in, which is the store concept in practice already, really. The great thing about trading is it can leave one home and bring joy elsewhere, I’m just the middle man I guess!”

Brickz Kingdom is open at 41 High Street five days a week, staying closed on Mondays and Sundays as well as bank and seasonal holidays. Tuesday to Friday it will be open from 10am to 5.30pm, while Saturdays it will close 90 minutes earlier at 4pm.