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Lincolnshire author explores history of Newport Arch with new book

A journey through time for one of Lincoln’s most historic areas

By Local Democracy Reporter

A new book published by a local author takes a pictorial journey through the history of Newport Arch – one of Lincoln’s oldest and most iconic landmarks.

Newport Arch, Lincoln is a photo history book by Sleaford-based author Robert Charles Alexander, published by Dora Media Productions in 2022.

The book takes a journey through time, exploring how the iconic Newport Arch at the top of Lincoln’s Bailgate has progressed through the years, as well as how it stood the test of time to still be a city landmark to this day.

A journey through time, from wooden structures to the Newport Arch we know today. | Photo: Robert Charles Alexander / Dora Media Productions

Amazing illustrations and pictures from the earliest memories of Newport Arch. | Photo: Robert Charles Alexander / Dora Media Productions

Newport Arch is the oldest arch in the UK still to be actively used by traffic, dating back to the 3rd century in its current form as the inner face of the north gate for the Upper Roman City of Lindum Colonia.

Split into five parts, the book dedicates chapters to specific timeframes, starting way back in 48A.D. which is when many historians agree the Romans conquered the land we now know as Lincolnshire.

The author has left no stone unturned in his timeline of Newport Arch. | Photo: Robert Charles Alexander / Dora Media Productions

It makes reference to the earliest remnants of Roman infrastructure in Lincoln, including the construction of small wooden fortresses in places such as Fosse Way, as well as a fort that replaced the original structure to overlook the natural lake at the River Witham. This is now known as Brayford Pool.

There are also references to wartime Britain, and how the arch survived bombings during the Second World War, as well as the various restoration works that have taken place to preserve it over the years.

The arch has seen plenty of repair work over the years, but it still stands tall to this day. | Photo: Robert Charles Alexander / Dora Media Productions

QR codes take you to video footage relevant to the image. | Photo: Robert Charles Alexander / Dora Media Productions

It contains embedded video files which you can access by scanning the QR codes in the book with your smartphone.

Newport Arch, Lincoln: a pictorial history by Robert Charles Alexander can be ordered from Waterstones’ website for £39.99.