August 22, 2022 4.37 pm This story is over 15 months old

Lincoln ‘jungle weed garden’ finally gets a trim

A lawnmower couldn’t fit through the new gate

An overgrown Lincoln council garden has received a long-awaited cut after growing wild all summer.

The City of Lincoln Council had mistakenly installed a gate to the communal area, which was too small for a lawnmower to fit through.

Grass outside the Cannon Street flats grew up to three feet tall since it was last chopped around May.

The issue was highlighted by the Lincolnite last week, with Lincoln residents warning the uncut jungle of dry grass could be a fire hazard.

Councillor Clare Smalley has been trying to resolve the flats’ problems

The problem gate was removed recently and a new one was fitted.

Contractors have finally got around to cutting the grass back to a more manageable level.

Resident David Matzk, 69, said at the time: “There used to be volunteers to cut the grass, but they moved away and I’m not a spring chicken, so I can’t do it myself.

“With it being so dry, isn’t it a health and safety risk to have all that dry grass right next to housing?”

Another resident complained: “We could be sitting outside with our neighbours at a table and chairs. Instead, it’s overgrown and covered in litter.”

Liberal Democrat Abbey ward Councillor Clare Smalley previously said: “It isn’t fair that residents haven’t been able to use their communal area for the whole summer. I was first contacted about this in May, and have asked repeatedly for something to be done about it.”

The grass was left uncut for weeks | Photo: The Lincolnite/LDRS

However, the flats still have one major issue – an overgrown bush which has completely blocked a resident’s ground floor window.

A spokesperson for City of Lincoln Council said last week: “A works order was raised with our contractor to remove the bush located at 44 Cannon Street some time ago. We have raised this again as a priority and are committed to ensuring this is completed as quickly as possible.”

The Lincolnite understands that contractors have recently taken new photos of the bush in preparation to remove it.