October 4, 2022 8.29 am This story is over 13 months old

Arsons spike by 60% in Lincolnshire

The 2022 total so far already higher than previous four years

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue have dealt with a spike in arson attacks of around 60% over the last year.

The number by August 2022 is already higher than the totals for the each of previous four years.

In July in particular there was a big spike as, after tackling 21 arsons in 2021, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue were called to 123 in the same month this year.

By the end of August, the local fire service had already dealt with 496 arson attacks. Although August’s data has yet to be ratified, this year looks set to be the highest number in five years.

Between September 2021 and August this year there were 651 deliberate fires in Lincolnshire, up 396 from the year before.

Just last month, police launched an investigation into a report of suspected arson at the play area in Woodville Road in Boston, during which around £32,000 worth of damage was caused to the equipment.

In June, fire crews also confirmed that a large fire by the beach at Skegness’ Grand Parade was started deliberately.

Earlier this year police said in a seven week period there were more than 25 deliberate fires set in various locations in Grantham.

Arson attacks in Lincolnshire. | Data: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue

Dan Moss, Area Manager for Prevention and Protection at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “We have seen more deliberate fires this year than usual, occurring in small pockets across the county.

“These incidents put a strain on fire and rescue resources, can easily escalate and cause serious damage, and mean we could be delayed getting to other incidents.

“We work with partners to take action against those who set fires deliberately, and this includes criminal convictions.

“We would appeal to parents to know where their children and teens are when they go out and be vigilant in preventing them causing harm and damage in our communities.”

“If you have a child or young person who you worry is setting fires or has an unhealthy fascination with fire, you can refer them to our Firesetters Intervention Scheme. Visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/lfr for more information.”