March 6, 2023 11.00 am This story is over 8 months old

Video: Johnny Depp strums guitar as he swaps Hollywood for Hemswell

Staff were left feeling starstruck

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp spent several hours at Hemswell Antiques Centre and now videos have emerged of him playing the guitar in the Lincolnshire treasures haunt.

Depp arrived in style by helicopter and spent several hours at the centre near Gainsborough. He is said to have bought a number of antiques.

Staff at the antiques centre were left starstruck by Depp’s visit and enjoyed listening to him playing the guitar.

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Rob Miller, Owner of Hemswell Antiques Centre, told BBC Radio Lincolnshire: “We had a phone call to say somebody’s going to be landing in a helicopter and they wouldn’t tell us who it was. Or I wasn’t allowed to say to anybody who it was.

“It came via a contact that we have at Pinewood Studios that we’ve been working with for the last five years. It was a good friend of his, and he always said he wanted to come to him.

“So Johnny, he felt very comfortable in the environment, because obviously there’s nobody in the centre and he was purchasing items that were kind of in an era that he would have liked to live in. And we felt that made him really comfortable.

“It was great because he was an unbelievable guy to meet, just so natural, so friendly, and it was really nice that he let us do team photo with him, which I didn’t expect us to be able to do, and was very happy for us to photograph him with the items that he was buying.”

Rob Miller added: “He bought a lot of very quirky stuff, really, for a property that he’s recently bought in London. I think that’s where he’s going to. So he bought a whole range of different things. Tables, lots and lots of smalls painting sets, easels, some very quirky bottles.”

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