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Which are better, uPVC windows or aluminium windows?

A look at the different qualities of the two materials

There has been a long debate surrounding which material is better, uPVC windows or aluminium windows. Both uPVC and aluminium double glazing offers great benefits which appeal to different property styles.

The truth is, it depends on what you are looking for in terms of your home. There is no correct answer, only which material and its benefits best suit you and your Lincolnshire home.

Let’s take a look at the different qualities of the two materials:

Which type of windows will I need for my property style?

When making the decision between uPVC windows and aluminium windows, it is important to consider the type of property you live in. For example, older heritage properties will require a different style to the modern sleek home.

uPVC flush casement windows are quickly gaining popularity in Lincolnshire

You can take a look at other properties in your area for inspiration. You want your windows to improve the look of your home and complement the existing properties around you.

Contrary to some beliefs, both uPVC and aluminium window replacements are often permitted in conservation areas as long as their appearance does not differ considerably from the original window design. In some cases, you might need to apply for planning permission. Our experienced designers can assist you with the process and supply materials to support your application.

uPVC sliding sash windows offer timeless charm and elegance, at a considerably lesser cost than real timber windows

Homeowners are increasingly opting for timber alternative uPVC flush casement windows and sliding sash windows. Both window styles beautifully replicate timber and come at a more affordable price. Very low maintenance is also a considerable benefit for timber alternative double glazing.

Jackson Windows aluminium frames provide minimal sight lines, meaning less frame and more light. Aluminium windows can be customised in any RAL colour. Making them a great option for any property style, heritage or modern homes, even apartments.

Which is better to keep my home warmer, uPVC windows or aluminium windows?

Up to 20% of your home’s heat can be lost through old and inefficient windows and doors. With energy bills at all time high, modern double glazing can go a long way to help insulate your home and help you save money.

There has long been a misconception among homeowners that aluminium windows do not offer as good thermal efficiency as uPVC windows. This is a legacy of old 1970s aluminium windows. However, technology in the fenestration industry has developed considerably since then. Modern, redesigned aluminium profiles allow us to create draft-proof, insulating products. While aluminium frames may be cold to touch from the outside, they achieve just as good energy efficiency levels as their uPVC counterparts.

Our aluminium window systems offer ultra-low U-values as well as water and acoustic barriers to ensure your home and privacy are protected from the outside world.

Did you know? Our aluminium windows were the first windows on the market to gain A-rating for thermal efficiency!

Our uPVC windows consist of a multi-chambered profile, which works to trap pockets of warm air and maintain the warmth in your home. In fact, our uPVC windows are unlike any other product on the market. It’s completely redesigned from scratch and patented so it cannot be imitated.

Both uPVC and aluminium are also recyclable. Waste material generated during manufacturing is always re-used. Meaning sustainability is a consideration at every stage of the process.

Are uPVC windows safer than aluminium windows?

The safety of windows comes partially down to the window profile but also the robustness of window locking mechanisms and hinges. Whether you opt for uPVC or aluminium windows, we use upgraded hardware as standard and our systems can achieve PAS 24 and Secured By Design certification.

Whichever material you choose you can rest assured that you and your family will feel safe.

Which window requires the least amount of maintenance?

Maintenance on your windows is simple, wipe clean with a damp cloth and they will stay looking brand new. This is the same for both uPVC and aluminium options. To avoid any discolouration or damage caused by over-vigorous cleaning trying to shift stubborn stains a regular wash with warm soapy water will keep your white in the best condition.

Both uPVC and aluminium windows are very easy to keep clean and looking their best.

Use a soft brush or soft cloth to brush off any dust and loose dirt. That’s it, it’s that simple!

Are aluminium windows more expensive than uPVC?

Aluminium windows can be the more expensive option as there is a higher cost of materials and manufacturing. However, aluminium windows do have a far longer lifespan, typically 30+ years.

Both options are long-lasting and it really comes down to the style of your property and how much you are prepared to invest in your new double glazing. For a more affordable option, uPVC windows are a great choice to ‘fit and forget’ due to their low maintenance and weather-resistant features making them highly durable against the elements.

For the average-sized property, the price difference between aluminium and uPVC is going to be in the thousands if you are replacing all windows. This is something to consider when looking at your budget.

Final thoughts

The debate on which is better is not as black and white as it seems. Personal preference, budget, property style and age all come into consideration. Both products have equally good benefits suited for different home improvement projects..


Aluminium windows are an excellent long-term option. They could be more expensive than their uPVC counterpart but their longevity makes them a great investment. On the right property, their slim profiles and sightlines are a good option for those who are looking to let more natural light into their homes.


uPVC is a versatile material that will look great on any property, modern or traditional due to the increased colour and finish options now available. If you are looking for an energy-efficient timber alternative for your home then uPVC could be the perfect option for you.

For more information, check out the Jackson Windows range of uPVC windows or aluminium windows.