April 28, 2023 8.00 am This story is over 14 months old

Driving test backlog causes three month waits in Lincolnshire

Learner drivers will need plenty of patience

Waits for driving tests have doubled in parts of Lincolnshire since the pandemic, figures reveal.

Learner drivers face delays of up to 14 weeks, with the problem being worst in Lincoln and northern Lincolnshire.

Data published by the Daily Mail shows that nearly all driving test centres have big backlogs, despite the DVSA’s attempts to reduce them.

The wait for tests at Scunthorpe’s driving test centre has doubled from seven weeks in 2020 to 14 weeks in 2023.

Lincoln saw its waiting time jump from 7.5 weeks to over three months. 

Just over the border in Nottinghamshire, Worksop has a shocking wait of 21 weeks – more than five months. 

However, you will only have to wait two months at Grantham’s test centre, meaning learners may want to shop around before they book their test.

Here’s how every test centre in Lincolnshire has changed over the last three years.


Pre-pandemic: 7.5 weeks

Post pandemic: 13 weeks


Pre-pandemic: 7 weeks

Post pandemic: 12 weeks


Pre-pandemic: 7 weeks

Post pandemic: 14 weeks


Pre-pandemic: 6 weeks

Post pandemic: 9 weeks


Pre-pandemic: 6 weeks

Post pandemic: 8 weeks

The DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) is attempting to bring down waiting times with longer opening hours and bringing older invigilators out of retirement.

The data was put together by app Route Led, which provides information on driving tests.

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