April 26, 2023 10.00 am This story is over 14 months old

‘We will progress with Scampton migrant camp’, insists Suella Braverman

A firm assurance from the Home Secretary

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has made assurances that plans to house around 2,000 migrants at RAF Scampton will go ahead.

Speaking to BBC reporters on the morning of Wednesday, April 26, Braverman said it was “unacceptable” that 40,000 assylum seekers were being housed in UK hotels at a cost of more than £6 million a day.

Alternative sites, such as former Red Arrows base and home of the Dambusters RAF Scampton, have been tabled to house those waiting to be processed.

Around 2,000 single males would be relocated to the base, north of Lincoln.

“We will be putting up bespoke accommodation”, Braverman told reporters. “It will be more appropriate, sustainable and cost effective […] We want to be in a position where we are closing hotels for those purposes.”

Around 300 people took park in a protest in Skegness in February against the use of hotels for migrants in the town.

But the plans to move asylum seekers to Scampton has also been met with fierce opposition, from local residents, councils, MPs and national anti-migrant groups.

West Lindsey District Council is still considering a legal challenge against the plans.

The Government’s proposed Illegal Migration Bill will return to the House of Commons today, and not without criticism. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned proposals to detain those making illegal journeys to the country would ‘expose people to serious human harm’.

“Our measures are robust, humanitarian and compassionate”, argued Braverman.

“If you arrive illegally you will be detained and removed,” she said, adding that there would be an investment of compassion and humanitarian support for safe and legal routes.

“Deterrence is important. We must stop people making these treacherous journeys in the first place.”

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