A 300kg metal fish has arrived in Cleethorpes in a bid to keep the beach tidy.

Hammy the Haddock is a handmade stainless-steel sculpture in the form of a giant recycling bin on Cleethorpes’ Central Promenade.

The structure is 4m long, 1.7m tall and around 1.2m wide, and was designed by Grimsby-based Blackrow Engineering.

It aims to encourage people to not litter on the beach and provide something different to put recyclable rubbish, such as plastic bottles and cans.

Hammy’s favourite food is plastic bottles. | Photo: NELC

Cllr Callum Procter, portfolio holder for Tourism, Heritage and Culture at North East Lincolnshire Council, introduced everyone to Hammy with a video on Tuesday.

The name was chosen as part of a contest run by North East Lincolnshire Council, with 11-year-old Lilly-Mai Halligan from Grimsby winning.

Lilly named the haddock after her uncle who died in January, Bernard ‘Buster’ Hammond, a well-known figure in the area as part of the beach safety team for over three decades.

You’ll do well to miss Hammy on the Central Promenade. | Photo: NELC

Lilly said: “My mum told me and my two sisters about the competition and we discussed what we would name the fish.

“We came up with Hammy as every time we think of Cleethorpes, we think of uncle Buster and it will be nice to have something to remember all the work he did.

“He loved the beach so it will be nice to know he will be remembered for keeping the beach safe, and now Hammy will help keep it clean and carry on his memory.”

A video of Hammy being brought into Cleethorpes and put into place was uploaded on Tuesday.

The owner of a takeaway shop in Cleethorpes has been fined £10,000 by the Home Office and had his license revoked after an illegal worker was found.

Tuncay Kuyumcu, who runs Chicken Stop on Grimsby Road in Cleethorpes, was found to employ someone illegally for over two years to work every single day at his shop.

North East Lincolnshire Council revoked his licence after a warrant was executed by an immigration officer to investigate Chicken Stop on January 11 2020.

After the visit, details were forwarded to the Home Office and the officer was advised to issue a £10,000 penalty in relation to the illegal worker.

When this fine is issued, employers are granted a period of time to object or appeal, which is what Mr. Kuyumcu is believed to have done.

The case is still ongoing according to the Home Office.

A spokesperson from the Home Office said: “We are cracking down on the ruthless criminal gangs who bring people illegally to the UK.

“Illegal working is a key driver of illegal migration it encourages people to break our immigration laws and provides the practical means for migrants to remain in the UK unlawfully. 

“Illegal working results in businesses that are not playing by the rules undercutting legitimate businesses who are.

“It also negatively impacts on the wages of lawful workers and is linked to other labour market abuse such as tax evasion, breach of the national minimum wage and exploitative working conditions; including modern slavery in the most serious cases.”

A maintenance engineer from Grimsby received £9,000 in an out of court settlement after suffering excruciating pain when his dentist treated on the wrong tooth.

Ray Edwards, 34, visited Dr Maria Elena Alonso Reyes at MyDentist at Osbourne House, Kingsway in Cleethorpes between April and May 2018.

He had been having orthodontic treatment at the practice, but started suffering from toothache and was told he needed fillings on a number of teeth.

A couple of weeks later he was still in pain and was told he needed root canal treatment.

However, the dentist failed to carry out root canal treatment on the correct tooth and instead performed what was described as inadequate treatment on another.

As a result Ray required extensive corrective treatment and is now anxious about his appearance and visiting the dentist.

He will eventually lose the tooth because of the damage caused and will require ongoing dental treatment. He also needs repeat root canal treatment and to have crowns placed.

mydentist at Osbourne House, Kingsway in Cleethorpes.

Ray Edwards said: “Despite all this treatment my toothache didn’t stop. It was getting ridiculous, so I made an appointment with a new dentist.

“This is when the extent of what was wrong started to be revealed. I was told most of the treatment Dr Reyes had undertaken needed to be repeated as it had been performed on the wrong tooth.

“It was a shock and it felt like I had been wasting my time on all the visits and treatments I’d had previously.

“It’s unbelievable really. I have been in so much pain. I will also need to spend many more hours in the dentist’s chair because Dr Reyes did such a bad job.

“I’m 34-years old and I feel like I’ve been left disfigured and am self-conscious. It’s definitely made me feel wary whenever I visit the dentist now”.

A spokesperson for MyDentist said: “We would like to apologise for the experience Mr Edwards has had. This falls significantly below the standards of care that all patients should expect.”

Nicholas Hampson of the Dental Law Partnership added: “The distress and pain our client has experienced was completely unnecessary. If the dentist had carried out adequate treatment in the first place, his problems could have been avoided.”

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