A Lincolnshire coroner has warned people about the danger of mixing drugs following the sudden death of a 33-year-old man.

David Buck died at his home in Skegness from a massive pulmonary embolism.

An inquest into his death, held in Lincoln on Wednesday, heard that a contributory factor might have been a mixture of illicit and prescription drugs.

Speaking after the hearing, assistant coroner Marianne Johnson said: “I don’t think a lot of youngsters realise that mixing certain drugs – albeit only at therapeutic level – can cause what’s called toxicity.

“They perhaps need to understand that, singularly, therapeutic level is fine but mixing it with other therapeutic-level drugs is likely to cause a toxic effect that can then cause death.”

Mrs Johnson gave an example of paracetamol and cocaine.

The inquest was told that Mr Buck lived with his parents in Clarke Way.

The night before his death on November 28, 2020, he went out to a friend’s house to collect a phone charger.

His father, also named David, waited up until he came home at 2am.

Giving evidence, Mr Buck Snr said his son was unsteady on his feet and “clearly under the influence of something”. He sat with him before going to bed at 5.30am. When he checked on his son at 9am, he found him unresponsive and called 999.

East Midlands Ambulance Service gave CPR but was unable to revive Mr Buck Jnr. His father said in the inquest that the family was grateful to the paramedics for their attention.

The inquest was told that other contributory factors to the death were chronic drug-related heart disease and morbid obesity.

Evidence was heard that Mr Buck Jnr was “troubled”. He had lost a lot of weight and was self-conscious about the loose skin but was due to be referred by a mental health team for surgery which would have helped him.

Mrs Johnson concluded that his death was as a result of natural causes.

After footballer Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest on live television sent shockwaves across the globe, Skegness Pier has announced it will be installing an extra defibrillator on site.

There are currently two defibrillators at Fantasy Island, and owners Mellors Group have said they will now be buying one to go at Skegness Pier.

The decision comes after the harrowing incident involving Denmark player Christian Eriksen, who suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during his country’s Euro 2020 opener with Finland on Saturday.

Medics rushed onto the pitch to give Eriksen CPR and used a defibrillator to revive the 29-year-old midfielder, almost certainly saving his life.

Eriksen posted to Instagram on Tuesday to say he was “fine under the circumstances” and received over six million likes on his photo.

The popular family attraction brings thousands of people to Skegness, and the owners say that the move to buy an extra defibrillator is to show people enjoying the coastal resort that they are in safe hands.

James Mellors, Operations Director at Mellors Group, said: “Incidents like those at last weekend’s European Championship game, which saw Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffering a cardiac arrest on live TV, bring safety top of mind.

“Fantasy Island want to make all visitors aware that they are fully prepared in case the unthinkable happens, with the site having two defibrillators.”

A VIP lounge with a £350,000 chrome Lamborghini inside it will be the most ‘exciting bar outside of London’ when it opens next month in Skegness, according to the business owners.

The Hive on Grand Parade in Skegness unveiled a fully road legal Lamborghini Huracán on May 27, before lifting it onto the third floor of its upcoming nightclub complex.

It will become part of the furniture and the star attraction of a Lamborghini-inspired VIP lounge, providing visitors with an up-close experience of a jaw-dropping 200mph supercar.

The car instantly grabs your attention, mainly thanks to its chrome wrap! | Photo: The Lincolnite

By doing so, The Hive has become just the second place in the whole world to have a Lamborghini inside a bar.

It is hoped that the VIP lounge, which houses the Lamborghini, will open to the public on July 17, but it is one of just nine bars that will be opened at The Hive.

We even got to go inside the car! | Photo: The Lincolnite

A whisky lounge, as well as other cocktail bars and even an ice bar will be ready for business by the end of the year, with more still to be announced.

The Ice Bar Experience is still in early days of construction, and is expected to be open towards the latter part of 2021.

The complex is being designed in the style of the Las Vegas strip, with shop windows for different bars everywhere you turn.

The VIP Lounge will be inspired by the famous car manufacturer Lamborghini. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Owners and staff at The Hive told The Lincolnite they wanted to bring a bit of Las Vegas to Skegness, and the Lamborghini will be part of a trendy VIP bar that serves cocktails on the coast.

“Our vision for this was to make a statement and do something standout, outside of London there is nothing quite like this, and we hope it can attract customers to visit and take a look at the Lamborghini for themselves.

Replica models are in a glass box next to a real life Lamborghini. | Photo: The Lincolnite

“It’s all part of the experience, and having a car like this one inside the VIP lounge is what will make the place look most appealing.”

A whole host of celebrities and social media personalities have been booked for upcoming events at The Hive, including Tom Zanetti, Sam Bird from Love Island and Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson, from The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea respectively.

So shiny it could almost blind you! | Photo: The Lincolnite

With a top speed north of 200mph, the engine is unfathomably powerful. | Photo: The Lincolnite

The owner even gave us a bit of an engine rev to show how powerful the car is. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Up close it is even more staggering. | Photo: The Lincolnite

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