A flood warning has been issued in a village near Sleaford after heavy rain fell on the South Forty Foot catchment for over 12 hours.

The government’s Flood Information Service has put a warning in place for Swaton Eau in Swaton Village, saying flooding is expected and immediate action is required.

Heavy rain is expected to continue throughout Thursday, January 14 and the rising river levels have already caused flooding of low lying land and roads in Swaton.

Flooding on West End in Swaton. | Photo: Chelsey Bamford

Due to the deteriorating weather conditions, properties in Swaton may be affected from Thursday morning, with those low lying near the river on West Street the most at risk.

A flood warning has been issued for Swaton Eau in Swaton Village near Sleaford. | Photo:

The Flood Information Service said: “Remain safe and be aware of your local surroundings, and avoid contact with flood water.

“Avoid riverside paths and please stay away from river embankments. Our staff are out in the area to check the flood defences, clear blockages, and assist the emergency services and council. We will be closely monitoring the situation.”

| Photo: Chelsey Bamford

There was also heavy rainfall in Northbeck near Sleaford. | Photo: Hannah Thorogood

In addition, three flood alerts are currently in place affecting some areas of Lincolnshire. This means at the time of publication flooding is possible and it is advised to be prepared in the following areas:

  • Minor Watercourses of South Forty Foot Drain
  • River Devon and Smite in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
  • River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough

North Kesteven District Council approved plans for developers to build 315 homes on the edge of Sleaford.

They’ll be on land to the east of Poplar Farm, south of the A17 at Holdingham, and 63 houses will be affordable.

Plans were originally submitted by Holdingham Farms LLP back in September 2017 for the building of 200 homes in the area, but since then, a further 115 homes have been added due to it being a more efficient use of land.

Four public objections were made regarding the proposals from September 2017 to December 2019. Issues raised included the residential/visual amenity, noise pollution, ecology and flood risk.

The council said the development “represents a more efficient use of land, consistent with the character and pattern of development on both the adjacent land west under construction and to the south.”

It is not yet known when work will start, however, the council said: “No works or development shall take place until a scheme for protection of the retained trees/hedgerows has been submitted and agreed in writing by the district planning authority.”

The site layout for the 315 homes in Sleaford.

The car which damaged the office of Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Caroline Johnson is likely to have a smashed front headlight after a U-turn manoeuvre, police have now revealed — but they haven’t found the driver yet.

A silver Vauxhall estate car crashed into the property in White Hart Mews, Southgate, Sleaford at 4.30pm on Thursday, December 17. The front window was then boarded up with wood, while large cracks could be seen in the brickwork.

Police now believe the car performed a U-turn with the front end of the vehicle crashing into the building. The vehicle caused extensive damage to the property before leaving the scene.

The constituency office is a rented space, so repairs for any building damage come under the landlord’s insurance.

Large cracks can be seen in the brickwork. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

Lincolnshire Police were able to reveal more about the car after extensive CCTV enquiries, including that it has a registration similar to DV51 UBV. However, nobody has been arrested as of yet.

The police investigation continues with local CCTV in the area and the force are appealing for anyone who was in the area of White Hart Mews at around 4.30pm-4.45pm on December 17 and saw a silver coloured car, which would also have damage to the rear of the vehicle.

Police said it is also highly likely that there is heavy damage to the rear of the vehicle involved in the incident. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

The force said: “We believe the damage to the vehicle will be on the front, and it is likely that it would have caused a smashed front headlight.

“If anyone has witnessed the incident, or if you are the driver of the vehicle, please contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 and quote 20000668600.”

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