A 57-year-old man from Wisbech has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after admitting to raping and sexually abusing three children.

Ventislav Todorov was arrested on April 1 after allegations were made that he had raped a boy the previous month. Officers from specialised teams began an investigation, which then lead to police uncovering the sexual abuse of two further victims, both young girls.

Todorov appeared at Peterborough Crown Court on June 16 where he admitted two counts of rape, assault by touching and sexual activity with a girl.

He appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on October 7 when he was jailed and placed on the Sex Offenders Register. He was also given an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

DC Les Ellmer, of Cambridgeshire Police, said: “The victims showed enormous courage during this ordeal. The initial report sparked the investigation and uncovered further abuse. It has been a very difficult time for them all.

“The investigation and sentence demonstrate how seriously we and the courts treat this type of appalling sexual offending.”

Cambridgeshire Police said people who suspect a child is being abused, or anyone wanting to report historical abuse, should contact the force on 101 or report it online here.

Eight seal pups that were rescued by the RSPCA have finally been released into the wild, after months of rehabilitation.

The seals were released from a site in Sutton Bridge near Wisbech on Thursday, March 4, after spending months in rehabilitation at the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Many of the pups were rescued from injury, dehydration and orphanage, and they were looked after by RSPCA staff until they were fit and ready to return.

The big day of freedom for these seal pups. | Photo: RSPCA

They were all named after various foods, and it was the happiest day of Linguini, Fusili, Tagliatelle, Celeriac, Tiger Bread, Milk Roll, Pink Bean and Pumpernickel’s lives.

Celeriac and Pink bean have been captured on video as they are making their way back into the vild (see video above).

Alison Charles, centre manager at East Winch, said: “It was a great day for a release and all went swimmingly.

“It’s always lovely to watch them plunge into the water and then head off towards the sea. It really is a privilege to see.”

Staff at the centre are still caring for 31 pups, many of which are being fed every three hours.

The charity has warned of the importance of the public not touching or approaching seals, as they are wild animals with nasty bites.

Alison continued: “2020 was such an emotionally challenging year for everyone and one that will never be forgotten.

“But the need to look after and care for animals didn’t stop and we continued to rescue and rehabilitate animals during these difficult times.”

The East Winch Wildlife Centre has now set up a JustGiving page to try and raise money for feeding their rescued animals, you can donate by clicking the link here.

A police officer has been sacked for using the barcode for 7p carrots to buy 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

PC Simon Read bought the doughnuts while on duty for Cambridgeshire Police in a Tesco Extra store in Wisbech, near the Lincolnshire border, on February 10.

He had been accused of scanning a 7p carrot barcode to pay for 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which cost £9.95.

He was called for a disciplinary hearing for this and has been sacked for gross misconduct as a result.

The disciplinary panel found that PC Read had in fact scanned the wrong barcode on purpose, despite his claims that it was “an honest mistake”.

This is a claim that was described as “lacking in credibility” by those conducting the hearing.

CCTV footage caught PC Read red handed, as it showed him look at the screen to select his payment method and put the carrots on the doughnuts box, the same side as its barcode.

PC Read’s lawyer, Carolina Bracken, told the panel that the officer has had prank calls since the incident from people offering him doughnuts.

He was found to have breached the standards of professional behaviour within the force at the two day hearing in Peterborough, which concluded on Thursday.

It means that Read has been relieved of his duties after joining the Cambridgeshire force in January.

Deputy Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police, Jane Gyford, said: “The public should be able to trust that police officers in their duty will act with honesty and integrity at all times.

“We expect the highest standards from our officers, but PC Read’s conduct has been found to have fallen short of our expectations.

“I hope this outcome offers reassurance to our communities that our officers and staff will be held to account for their actions.”

PC Read has a right to appeal the panel’s decision, but it is unclear if he will go ahead with it.

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