June 22, 2018 10.54 am This story is over 64 months old

Flying Scotsman steaming into Lincolnshire this weekend

It will travel through various county viewing points

It will be full steam ahead as the Flying Scotsman travels into Lincolnshire this weekend as part of a nationwide tour.

As previously reported, the 1923 locomotive is back again on Saturday, June 23 as it hauls the Scarborough Flyer through various viewing points in the county in Gainsborough, Lincoln, Sleaford and Spalding.

The Flying Scotsman was greeted by hundreds of people as it pulled into Lincoln on the hottest day of the year back in April.

Onlookers were relieved to see the locomotive pull into Lincoln Central Station after being disappointed by last year’s no show.

Approximate outward timings

  • Scarborough 6.25am
  • York 7.30am
  • Doncaster 8.45am
  • Lincoln 9.45am
  • Ealing Broadway 2.45pm

According to the Realtime Trains website, here are the approximate pass through times:

  • Gainsborough Trent Junction 9.14am
  • Gainsborough Lea Road 9.16am
  • Saxilby 9.28am (leaving again at 9.38am)
  • Pyewipe junction 9.44am
  • West Holmes Junction 9.45am
  • Realtime Trains states arrival in Lincoln of 9.48am and leave again at 9.52am
  •  Pelham Street Junction 9.53am
  • Metheringham 10.08am
  • Sleaford North Junction 10.21am
  • Sleaford South Junction 10.23am
  • Quadring Signal 10.35am
  • Spalding 10.45am

Approximate return timings

  • Ealing Broadway 5.10pm
  • Lincoln 8.45pm
  • Doncaster 9.50pm
  • York 10.25pm
  • Scarborough 11.15pm