December 1, 2020 12.57 pm This story is over 12 months old

14,000 people interested in egging Thatcher statue

A Facebook event is doing the rounds

Over 14,000 people on Facebook have registered their interest in attending an egg-throwing contest at the new Margaret Thatcher statue in Grantham.

The statue of the divisive former Prime Minister has sparked plenty of controversy and debate, after South Kesteven District Council approved a £100,000 unveiling event in the town for the £300,000 monument.

The design and idea for the statue was approved in February 2019, despite consistent warnings of “politically-motivated” vandalism.

While it was originally going to be placed in London, the council arranged for the statue to stand on St Peter’s Hill Green in Grantham.

It will be placed on a 10ft plinth to try and deter vandals from reaching it, but that hasn’t stopped many from planning an alternative attack.

The plinth the Margaret Thatcher Statue will be placed upon. | Photo: Kylie Warrington

There has been a huge backlash to not just the statue of the Iron Lady itself, but also the fact that it will most likely be funded by the public and local businesses — though the council says it will seek donations towards the cost of the unveiling.

An event on Facebook, called ‘Egg Throwing Contest – Thatcher Statue’ and set up by Kass Arif from Birmingham, has seen over 14,000 people respond to the event.

The unveiling date is yet unconfirmed, but event organisers have said that the date of the egg-throwing will change accordingly.

The event host has also suggested that the statue should be “cleaned” in the River Witham after it has had eggs thrown at it, but he also had serious points to make regarding the decision.

Kass said: “I started this to gain a reaction from people to question why we as a nation are putting statues before people.

“It’s a disgusting movement by the council who know it will be met with disapproval, and the fact that they have stated they want to put it on a 10ft plinth to stop vandals should have been a red flag for them.”

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