February 3, 2021 5.30 pm This story is over 33 months old

Lincolnshire woman gets new lease of life with bionic arm

It looks great!

A woman from Ruskington is rejoicing after finally receiving her new bionic arm, following a £13,000 fundraiser.

Beverley Gormley, 48, was born with her left arm missing below the elbow, and began fundraising for a bionic arm in September 2020.

She said that the various other types of prosthetic limbs she has had to use throughout her life were no good, leaving her with scars and “lots of interesting nicknames.”

Now, with her new ‘Hero Arm’ paid for and fitted, complete with functional fingers, Beverley told The Lincolnite about her “amazing day”.

Beverley is already enjoying the simple things that a bionic limb allows her to do, such as tying her laces. | Photo: Beverley Gormley

She said: “It’s an unbelievable arm, it’s the first time that a prosthetic arm has felt like it is a part of me.

“It’s perfectly weighted and balanced, I’m not quite sure how to put this into words.”

Beverley is a youth volunteer who often works to spread awareness of disability amongst young people, particularly with her coaching work.

The amazing ‘Hero Arm’ has given Beverley her confidence back. | Photo: Beverley Gormley

She is a founding member of the Team GB Junior Roller Derby team, and guided them to the junior World Cup in America last year.

Beverley announced on her fundraiser, which earned over £12,300 in just 13 weeks, that her getting the hero arm is only the beginning.

“My bionic journey doesn’t end with me receiving my arm. I want to use this bionic arm for good and will be spreading disability awareness and inclusion to the younger generation.

“I also want to help parents who are expecting babies with a limb difference and children who are born like me to see that nothing will hold them back. Their limb difference can be their super power.

Bev and her new arm are feeling great! | Photo: Beverley Gormley

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really have helped change my life.”

Beverley can now get to doing the things she has always wanted to do, this time without hassle.

During her first full day with the bionic arm attachment, she uploaded a video of her feeding her pet dog a carrot, something which may seem small to us, but is life-changing for her.