September 27, 2021 4.17 pm This story is over 32 months old

Drivers gridlock uphill Lincoln queuing for fuel

The message remains the same: stop panic buying, there is no shortage

By Local Democracy Reporter

Fuel panic buying in Lincoln returned on Monday after a frenzied weekend — with traffic gridlocks as staff were managing queues at the Shell station on Burton Road.

The queues emerged on Monday afternoon as people were waiting to access the Burton Road Shell garage to fill up their vehicles.

It comes as panic buying fuel continues to plague the county, despite companies consistently saying that there is no shortage, just a dramatic increase in demand.

The government is set to suspend competition law and allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries to petrol stations in order to deal with the demand.

Queues could be seen stretching to the Bishop Grosseteste roundabout. | Photo: The Lincolnite

The traffic spilled out onto the road, with congestion even reaching the roundabout near Bishop Grosseteste University.

There are stewards and lollipop ladies at the Shell garage trying to control traffic flow, which has also coincided with the afternoon school run, prompting a traffic disaster in the uphill Lincoln area.

An eyewitness said that traffic was moving slower than walking pace at around 3.30pm today, despite pleas from Lincolnshire Police over the weekend to not cause “unnecessary delays” by panic buying petrol.