October 1, 2021 1.41 pm This story is over 25 months old

Lincolnshire Police forced to pay out £10k after PC’s illegal data breach

The officer was sacked after he used the police database for his own gain

Lincolnshire Police have paid £10,000 in compensation to a woman who was the victim of a data breach by an officer who used the force database for his own benefit.

PC Frazer Green lost his job after he accessed the police database in May 2019 to undertake checks on Faye Horgan’s vehicle without valid cause to do so, following a dispute between Green’s partner and Ms Horgan.

Faye Horgan was advised of the incident in November 2019 when an anti-corruption unit caseworker visited to inform her of the unauthorised access from Green.

A misconduct hearing for Frazer Green was held at Belton Woods Hotel in Grantham between October 19 and 23, 2020, where the verdict saw him dismissed from the force for gross misconduct.

Upon hearing about the actions of former PC Green, Mrs Horgan approached Matthew McConville of Irvings Law, a solicitor who specialises in actions against the police and data protection.

A formal letter of claim was issued to Lincolnshire Police, alleging that Mrs Horgan’s privacy had been invaded under the Human Rights Act, as well as there being a breach of general data protection regulation.

The claim was later settled out of court for £10,000 plus legal costs.

Following the settlement, Mr McConville said: “It goes without saying that our clients (and the public in general) have the right to expect integrity in the police service and should have confidence in police officers to act in a professional manner.

“Unfortunately, there has been a definite shortfall in the service that Mrs Horgan has received from Lincolnshire Police and specifically PC Green in this incident.

“Although this should never have occurred in the first place and neither should Mrs Horgan have had to issue and serve court proceedings to seek the appropriate redress that she deserves, we welcome the force’s willingness to settle without the need of attending an expensive trial where the public purse would be on the line.

“We at Irvings Law will continue to represent those across the country whom have been failed by the police and their officers for the recourse that they are entitled to just like Mrs Horgan here.”