March 21, 2022 3.00 pm

Watch YouTube star Beard Meats Food smash Lincoln ‘mega breakfast’ challenge

Disliking mushrooms couldn’t even stop him winning!

Viral YouTube eating star Beard Meats Food has uploaded video footage of him demolishing a ‘mega breakfast’ challenge in Lincoln, which has already been watched by more than 321,000 people.

Beard Meats Food, otherwise known as Adam Moran, went to Take 5 Tea Room on Lincoln High Street to take on the challenge on February 1 this year.

The breakfast challenge is to eat four of the standard breakfasts within the time limit of 40 minutes at a cost of £22, or free if you complete it. Adam completed it in less than half the time in 16:43.54, and is one of just two people, out of four, to finish it.

Beard Meats Food getting ready to take on the ‘mega breakfast’ challenge. | Screenshot: Beard Meats Food YouTube Channel

This consists of eight Lincolnshire sausages, eight slices of bacon, four hash browns, four slices of black pudding, four portions of mushrooms, four portions of baked beans, four portions of tinned tomatoes, four fried eggs, and four slices of toast, as well as optional unlimited tea and coffee.

During the video of his attempt, Adam said: “It is, I concede, another breakfast challenge, but it’s been two months since I’ve done one now, it must be something like that, and in England a fry-up challenge is like Nicolas Cage, they’re unavoidable, they’re everywhere.

“This one hasn’t been finished yet so it needs to be done, we can’t have that.”

After less than six minutes of the challenge Adam had already made a huge dent in the breakfast challenge so it was no surprise that it he finished the whole thing quickly!

He added: “It does contain 10 sausages though, which I remember thinking is a lot of sausage, not that I’m complaining, I love sausage, who doesn’t love sausage.”

Adam enjoyed eating all 10 sausages in the ‘mega breakfast’ challenge. | Screenshot: Beard Meats Food YouTube Channel

Adam said he “highly enjoyed this breakfast”, but admitted to not liking mushrooms and said he would “just give them a pounding at the end”.

He even found enough room in his stomach to eat a piece of Biscoff cake after the challenge.

Beard Meats Food completed the challenge in less than 17 minutes. | Screenshot: Beard Meats Food YouTube Channel

Take 5 Tea Room first opened in August 24, 2020 and is run by Keri Watters, who told The Lincolnite: “Adam was a genuinely friendly and funny guy. He had a bit of banter with Paige, the waitress, and also with a couple of regular customers who also came in for their lunch.

“To look at him you wouldn’t think he’d be able to eat that much, looks are definitely deceiving.”

Local man Ashley Wentworth completed the challenge three days after Beard Meats Food. | Photo: Take 5 Tea Room

Three days after Beard Meats Food demolished the challenge, local man Ashley Wentworth also completed it on the same day that his friend failed.

Keri added: “Plenty of people are commenting saying they could do it, saying ‘it’s easy, no problem’, but nobody else is prepared to put their money where their mouth is…so to speak.”

Beard Meats Food has more than 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has beaten local challenges before including at Harty’s Cafe and Fox & Hounds in North Hykeham, and at Scothern’s Bottle & Glass pub.