June 15, 2022 11.48 am This story is over 24 months old

‘On the line doesn’t mean in, this isn’t Wimbledon!’ Readers debate Lincoln parking fine

It has split opinions in Lincoln

By Local Democracy Reporter

There has been a mixed reaction to a £100 parking fine issued to a man in Lincoln who left his car just on the white line, in a rush for “family reasons”. While some said rules are rules, others criticised parking companies.

The local citizen, who asked to remain anonymous, had to park up at Valentine Retail Park in Lincoln on April 10 in what he described as a “rush for family reasons”. Read the full story here.

His two wheels on the right hand side edged over the white line of the parking space, earning him an initial £60 fine.

The man claims that he disputed the fine and was ignored for a month, before eventually being told his appeal was rejected and he would now face a £100 ticket instead.

The Lincolnite asked readers to get in touch with their thoughts on the decision, and whether they feel a fine is justified, given how close to the line the vehicle was and the reasons behind it – and it’s safe to say it has certainly divided opinion.

“Overzealous wardens”

The Valentine Retail Park in Lincoln. | Photo: The Lincolnite

Plenty of readers contacted The Lincolnite to say the fine felt unnecessary, with one resident saying it was harsh to fine them £100 given that you probably “wouldn’t get a fine that big for shoplifting these days”.

Liz Maxwell emailed in to say the fine was “stupid and unfair” given that two wheels were only “slightly over the white line”, while Andy Hanson also voiced support for the driver, saying “haven’t we got enough problems in this country?”

Judith Fox recalled an incident in Skegness which saw her given a £20 fine for her front wheel being on the line. Judith said she made sure that nobody would be unable to park or open car doors but she still received a ticket – which she described as “robbery”.

Another reader called Kevin emailed to say: “I feel this is really harsh on the public. Parking companies are trying to make as much money as they can, and not hearing from them for a month is disgusting.”

Kevin went on to say the wardens were “overzealous” before confirming he would no longer be going to Valentine Retail Park to shop.

“This isn’t Wimbledon!”

Valentine Retail Park stock image.

However, not everybody agreed that the fine was harsh, with some readers insisting that rules are implemented for a reason.

Stephanie Sampson made a witty comparison to the upcoming Wimbledon championships, saying that car parks don’t operate by the same “if it’s touching the line it’s in” rule that you see in tennis.

She says: “Harsh as it may seem I support the fine. We all know the rules, it’s not Wimbledon! By parking over the line they use two spaces or at least make it difficult for the person in the next space to get in and out of their car.

“No doubt if a woman had parked in the same manner with the same reason, comments would be made about staying in the lines.”

Dave Cole said: “You have to think that nobody could use the parking space next to him, they wouldn’t have been able to open their door. The lines are there for a reason, it’s harsh but justified.”

This was echoed by Phil Kirchen, who stated: “If a car was parked on his near side it would probably be justifiable. If the spaces were clear either side it’s just bad parking and deserves a fine – it’s inconsiderate.”

Pam Mason also said the fine was right, describing it as “laziness” to not straighten up the vehicle and get it between the lines. She said she sees this kind off thing regularly with “some cars taking up two spaces going well over the white line.”