May 2, 2023 12.40 pm This story is over 6 months old

Improvements to Marsh Lane roundabout will start in May, alongside works to improve active travel links in Boston near Wyberton Low Road. 

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “We’re less than a month away from starting our multi-year programme of ‘Levelling Up’ improvements to the A16 in Boston and Spalding.

“Our first two projects will see major improvements to Marsh Lane roundabout to reduce congestion on the A16, improve safety and future-proof the roundabout for future A16 upgrades down the line.

“The works will also include the creation of a three-quarter mile active travel route in Boston that will make it easier for people to walk and cycle in and around the area by addressing the conflict between cycle users and HGVs on Marsh Lane through the Riverside Industrial Estate.”

The start for the works will be Monday 15 May, with the whole project expected to be complete in six months. The projects will be carried out by Winvic Construction Ltd, who has been officially appointed as the scheme contractor.

Please note that from W/C May 1 for two weeks, the contractor will be setting up the site compound and carrying out preparatory works.

Below is an overview of initial traffic management for the two projects once main construction begins on 15th May:

  • 24/7 lane closures on the A16 near Marsh Lane roundabout will be in place for up to ten weeks
    • Please note that the road will remain open during this time, however the number of lanes will be reduced from two to one
  • The footways adjacent to the A16 will also be affected during this time, with pedestrian diversions in place

Later in the project, temporary traffic signals and a series of night-time road closures will be used as needed on the A16, Marsh Lane and Wyberton Low Road.

A 24/7 closure of London Road (southbound) will also be required towards the end of the project. 

More details will be shared as the scheme progresses via advanced roadside signage.

Cllr Davies added: “As with any major road improvement project, some disruption on local roads is inevitable when work is underway. However, we’ll be making all efforts to keep traffic moving and maintain access to all businesses. 

“Once construction starts, the main point-of-contact for residents and businesses for any traffic management updates, access issues or queries will be Winvic Construction Ltd’s construction project manager, Mr Christopher Bancroft. He will be available by email at[email protected].uk.” 

The Marsh Lane roundabout improvements and Boston Active Travel are expected to cost a total of £5.7 million.

Both projects will be funded by a portion of the £20m in ‘Levelling Up’ funding awarded to the county council in October 2021. The remaining funding will be used across four projects, including improvements to Spalding’s A16/A151 Springfield Roundabout and A16/B1180 Greencell Roundabout.

For more information about this and other major highways projects,

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April 26, 2023 8.00 pm This story is over 7 months old

A staggering 2,500 Lincolnshire drains couldn’t be cleaned by LCC because of vehicles parked in the way.

Lincolnshire County Council has issued an urgent plea to road users who park on roads and footpaths to pay attention to essential drain cleaning notices after it emerged that 2,500 gullies couldn’t be cleaned because notice signs were ignored.

A recent investigation by the County Council into streets with vehicles parked up showed that, on previous drainage cycles in some cases as many as 60% of the gullies on certain streets that needed cleaning were blocked off by a parked vehicle that couldn’t be moved.

Council teams down St Catherine’s Grove in Lincoln. | Photo: Lincolnshire County Council

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for Highways said: “This is such an issue for us now that we need to address it in a public way and ask road users for their immediate help.

“As we have all seen in recent years, the issue of drainage is a very serious one and we desperately need access to gullies like this so that we can keep them in working order.

“As part of our need to get on with this essential cleaning and our messaging to everyone who parks on the street, we are using new temporary street signs to promote when we will be cleaning in a particular area where necessary.

“We appreciate that there will be a level of inconvenience in vehicle owners moving their vehicles when we need to clean these essential bits of the drainage system, but we really need to get to these gullies in particular.

“The size of the tanker that is needed to clean these gullies is about the same as an HGV, so the issue is immediately apparent when vehicles are parked up during cleaning schedules.

“Any assistance that drivers can give us in this respect would be a very real help. In a county as large as Lincolnshire, our crews have nearly 150,000 gullies to maintain and keep clear.

“We can’t carry out the preventative maintenance that we need to in some cases because of the 2,500 gullies that we couldn’t get to.

“This is currently having, and will go on to be, a huge impact on what we need to do to ensure that drainage maintenance is carried out and the impact from potential flooding threats are lessened.”

What do we do?

An LCC officer puts advance warning signs out between 3-7 days prior to the cleanse date for streets included on our list where vehicle issues are identified.


Simply put, if people don’t comply with the signage, then our cleansing tanker can’t get access to the gullies – so the gullies don’t get cleaned. The consequences of the cleaning not happening are that, long term, some drains could become blocked which could ultimately lead to them not working and possibly flooding.

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