A horse has died after being hit by a lorry on the A15.

A lorry was travelling on the A15 during the morning of Monday, January 4 and reached just outside of Morton, Bourne, when two horses entered the road.

The incident was reported to police at 9.30am that morning.

The lorry hit one of the horses which was seriously injured and died at the scene.

The other horse was brought under control and was safe before the road was cleared.

A house in Bourne was severely damaged after what police believe was a gas explosion on Sunday morning.

Lincolnshire Police attended a property on Holly Drive after a call at 9.13am on December 13. Fire and gas services also attended the scene.

The male occupant is a little shaken and suffered minor injuries. There were no other injuries, police said.

Lincolnshire Police said: “The scene has been assessed and it has been deemed that there is no need to evacuate any other houses.”

A Lincolnshire County Council plan to build 71 new homes in Morton, which was withdrawn due to a “highways issue”, is back up for approval next week.

South Kesteven District Council were due in August to be asked to approve the outline plans for land east of Folkingham Road, but the item was taken off the agenda before the meeting.

A council spokesman said at the time: “There is an outstanding highways issue which we have been working to resolve, but is taking some time to consider.”

Although detailed plans for the five hectare site will be submitted at a later date, a report before the committee said it will be accessed from the A15 to the north with pedestrian links to High Street and Folkingham Road.

The latest plans have remove a secondary footpath link to the A15.

Officers said: “The application site is allocated for residential development in the local plan and the proposed scheme is considered to comply with the development principles that accompany the allocation.”

Objectors to the plans had raised concerns over the safety of access on to the A15 and, although not objecting, the authority’s highways department had also had some initial reservations.

Morton Parish Council said there was “no proven need” for the housing and raised concerns over drainage, highway safety and the impact on local services and infrastructure.

They also had highway safety concerns regarding proposed access to development, the speed limit through village and the lack of a pedestrian crossing over the A15.

NHS England has asked for £46,860 towards health services in the area.

LCC’s education department has asked for £415,614 towards extending Morton Primary School and Bourne Secondary school.

The highways department has also asked for £30,0000 to extend an existing bus service to Bourne.

Lincolnshire County Council is hoping to sell the land on the open market once the housing plans are approved.

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