The final in the latest series of road closures for works on the A1, as part of the Grantham Southern Relief Road project, has been temporarily postponed

A weekend northbound A1 closure was due to be in place between 8pm on Friday, May 20 and 6am on Monday, May 23.

However, Lincolnshire County Council said the closure has been temporarily postponed and once new dates have been confirmed they will be shared.

Works on phase three began in April this year, with the council anticipating that winter 2023 will be the completion date for the relief road.

This will be with the view to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, and provide opportunities for growth in the local economy.

The £102 million Grantham Southern Relief Road project has been led by Lincolnshire County Council, supported by South Kesteven District Council, Highways England, Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Network Rail, Homes England, the Department for Transport and local business contributions.

A man has been seen selling eggs next to the recently-erected Margaret Thatcher statue in Grantham, just two days after the monument was pelted by a passer-by at the unveiling over the weekend.

The £300,000 statue of Thatcher has been the talk of the town since it was erected in Grantham, the birthplace of Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

It was placed on its plinth at St. Peter’s Hill on Sunday, May 15, and just hours afterwards it was hit with an egg thrown by a man now identified as 59-year-old Jeremy Webster.

In light of this, a stall has been set up by a national journalist in a spoof stunt, selling eggs for £10 next to the statue.

Oli Dugmore, the head of news and politics at, set up his stall on Thursday afternoon, inviting the people of Grantham to “come say hi” by the controversial Margaret Thatcher statue.

It didn’t take long for the authorities to get involved, as a community support officer quickly came to speak to Oli about the stunt, as he amusingly described in a Twitter thread.

The stunt has been received some famous attention online, with Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker saying: “She always said she was a supporter of small businesses.”

The topic of egg throwing and this statue has been well documented for a significant period of time now, as many have argued the controversy and divisiveness surrounding the Iron Lady put the legitimacy of having a statue of her into question.

In 2020, over 14,000 people declared their interest in an egg-throwing contest at the site of the monument once it was unveiled.

The employers of the now notorious Margaret Thatcher statue egg-thrower have condemned his actions after he hurled missiles at the Iron Lady’s monument in her home town of Grantham.

The controversial £300,000 statue of Britain’s first female Prime Minister was erected in her birth town of Grantham, Lincolnshire on Sunday, May 15 – but it didn’t take long for proceedings to be disrupted.

Details of the installation were kept coy by South Kesteven District Council in a bid to avoid threats of damage or hostility in the community, given the divisive nature of Baroness Thatcher’s reign in Downing Street.

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Within hours of it being installed, the statue was targeted with eggs by a man who has now been identified and revealed as 59-year-old Jeremy Webster, the deputy director of the Attenborough Arts Centre at the University of Leicester.

His appearance was fleeting, as he arrived with a newspaper under his arm and a box of eggs. He threw four eggs at the statue – one of which hit the target – and then left.

The moment was caught on film. | Image: Twitter @DesignsBarnes

Mr Webster’s employers at the University of Leicester said they are taking the incident “extremely seriously”, though it is not clear if it will cost him his job.

His LinkedIn profile also says that he spent just over a decade working in various roles at Lincolnshire County Council, as well as previously being Head of Exhibitions at the National Centre for Craft and Design, otherwise known as the Hub, in Sleaford.

The statue of Margaret Thatcher has been installed on its plinth. | Image: RSM Photography for The Lincolnite

Kerry Law, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer at the University of Leicester, said:  “The University of Leicester has a long-standing history of supporting art, fostering creativity and protecting creative freedom.

“It does not condone any form of defacement and takes any act of defacement extremely seriously. This matter will be addressed in line with the University’s own procedures.”

The statue looms over the High Street. | Photo: Daniel Jaines

The decision to put a statue of Margaret Thatcher in Grantham has been heavily discussed for a number of years, with many suggestions that something like this would inevitably happen.

Last year, a local artist created an ‘alternative’ statue and placed it on the plinth at St. Peter’s Hill. His sculpture depicted the Iron Lady’s had stuck on a spike made from office chairs.

Mark’s own Thatcher statue depicts the Iron Lady with her head cut off and placed on a spike. | Photo: MarkRobla

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